Charity Heroes: St. Vincent de Paul and Vogt

(Illustration by Pat McNamara)Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul, and if you're not familiar with his story or why he matters, you'll want to avail yourself of Doctor-now-Professor Pat McNamara's excellent and informative profile of this enterprising and surprising saint, who started on his path for all the wrong reasons:"An intelligent child from a poor family, he initially saw the priesthood as an escape from poverty. Once he acquired a wealthy parish, he planned to use his … [Read more...]

The Waning Trust in the Press — UPDATED

A while back, I asked my very frustrated mother-in-law why she voted for Barack Obama, and she shrugged, "I could only go by what I heard."She meant the nightly network news shows, which she and Pop watch or listen to while they bustle around the kitchen.It didn't matter that a sister-in-law and I had both warned her that Obama was inexperienced or that she might not like his policies. We were not the press. We were not the people who write headlines and speak with solemn surety before … [Read more...]

Debuting at The Catholic Answer – UPDATED

Look at that cover; Pope Benedict XVI and Jordan's Prince Ghazi Muhammad bin Talal, taken during Benedict's visit to the Holy Land in 2009. Given the headlines coming our way every day from an evolving Middle East, and what these changes mean for governments and churches, could it-- or the cover story featuring an interview with Jesuit Father Samir Kahalil Samir -- be more timely?Like its editor Dr. Matthew Bunson, The Catholic Answer has a gift for timeliness; it's previous issue anticipated … [Read more...]

Catholics in the Comboxes

Msgr. Charles Pope has noted it:Recently however, I am getting more comments that are just plain rude, mean or unnecessarily personal. I have had to press the delete button more than I’d like. It is not just the use of profanity that is alarming (and that too is becoming more common), but it is the excoriation of one’s opponents with dismissive labels and terms which either question their orthodoxy, or their love of the poor, label them as rigid or as communists, etc.There is also the unn … [Read more...]

More on Voris and RCTV

Lots of very ungenerous comments yesterday -- detailing how Mark Shea is a heterodox-Michael-Voris hater -- by people who were busily emoting, and ignoring the fact that yesterday morning, before most were even aware of the story, Shea was already defending Voris, and promising a beefed-up defense today.And today, he keeps his word, coming to the defense not only of Voris, but of Simon Rafe, too:". . . I expect some in the blogosphere who aren’t especially keen on stuff like “The Vor … [Read more...]

Comment-Free Fridays — UPDATED

Consider it a Friday fast, or a Friday sacrifice.I do not have time to monitor comments right now, and I'm just about sick to death of the fighting, the accusations, the foul (and all-too-easy/convenient) cries of "heresy" on one thread and "racist" on the other.I know we can do better than this.These are tense times; everyone is on edge. And apparently everyone has lost their senses of humor, or their ability to ever give anyone else a pass, or the benefit of a doubt, or even be … [Read more...]

The Voris Brouhaha

Because I'm having trouble keeping up with almost everything, right now, I am late to this story, which the deacon picked up last night, to whit:Michael Voris, the founder and host of RealCatholicTV, says he was completely unaware of recently discovered troubles within his organization, involving a staff apologist's sexually explicit writings, and his nonprofit corporation's loss of legal status two years ago.“I don't know what the issue is on any of this stuff,” said Voris, who is cur … [Read more...]

Congrats to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit!

Congrats to Instapundit creator, Glenn Reynolds for managing ten years of sterling blogging, news aggregating and the cleverest of pithy-punditing. That's a decade of nearly non-stop updating and an assist in the founding of PJM, PJTV and oh, yeah, the writing of a best-selling book, countless op-ed pieces and more.He's arguably the hardest working man in the blogosphere, and my hat is off to him! Here is to ten more!See how it all began, here … [Read more...]

Tony Rossi Talks to Julie Davis

We love her book, and we love her blogsite, and we love her columns, but Julie Davis has proven herself to be a very engaging, warm and um, "happy" interview subject, as we saw when she chatted with Pat Gohn, so now we love to listen to Julie being interviewed.Here she is talking to Christopher Close-Up's Tony Rossi!Give a listen!Julie also manages to mention one of the best books ever written … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin, Centerfold

My column at First Things. You know I can't stand it when people get stupidly unfair and abusive:American’s sad ideological balkanization is most obviously exposed for the sickness it is whenever this woman’s name is mentioned. Thanks to cable news and the social media echo-chambers that invite us to pledge allegiance to a stark perspective and then hiss “enemy” at anyone who thinks differently, Americans are being conditioned to absorb The Daily Outrage on cue; we are one nation, quite divided … [Read more...]