Benedict Launches with a Tweet!

Just yesterday James Martin posted a very good look at the status of the church's altmedia involvement:First, the good news. These days almost every Catholic organization and diocese and most parishes have a firm Web presence. Available to both the devout and the doubtful, these sites are repositories of useful information. One can check out editorials in the diocesan newspaper, follow the pastor’s blog (and read his latest homily), make donations to a favorite Catholic charity, and check on M … [Read more...]

Dog Day Afternoon – UPDATED

+ + + + Heh++++++++ Meanwhile, offered without comment because I have to pay attention to paying work, and because I'm getting a trifle bored. And the Wagner at the end was just so self-important and heavy-handed that, I'm sorry, I laughed. All I could think was "kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!"I think I am done writing about John Corapi, unless something earthshaking comes up. I'll keep praying for him, but I'm not giving him any more publicity. If you need more things … [Read more...]

Announcements of Announcements: New Trend?

Deacon Greg got wind of the announcement of a forthcoming big announcement from Father John Corapi, whose fans and followers -- many of whom credit Corapi with having been instrumental in their return to the church -- have been waiting since March to hear something new.Recently, Fr. Corapi held an internal office meeting and informed us that he is “not extinguished!” He expressed his continued desire to help deliver a message of hope to those who seek it and he informed us that by this weekend … [Read more...]

Catholicism, Apps and New Media

Not to sound like an old lady, but I am quite taken with young Brandon Vogt, whose book, The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet will be released toward the end of summer. Brandon blogs at The Thin Veil, but he's also a crackerjack reporter who quickly filed some excellent-- really comprehensive -- pieces for OSV during the Vatican/Blogger meet-up last month, so it's not surprising that his book is a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute look at the … [Read more...]

Textbook-Free Campus; Fact-Free History, No Jobs

I have issues with textbook-free campuses, and so, it appears, does Jesse Jackson, Jr.And some of our issues are the same. I too have wondered what happens to all the publishing houses, all the paper producers, the raw-material-providers, all the book binders, all the designers, all the office-workers, all the shipping and trucking jobs that disappear if campuses become "textbook free."I am also concerned about what happens to our understanding of the past -- or even our present -- when … [Read more...]

We Wish We Were, Anyway!

Instapundit, that is!Over at Summa This, Summa That, which I have nicknamed The Summablog -- and which will soon have its own twitter account -- I use my neat new format to prove Rick Rice's point:Check out the landing page (scroll down!) for Summablog updates -- they go on, all day!Related: Summa This, Summa That Launch! … [Read more...]

Colbert's Covert Catechesis

Matt Emerson, who has recently served up some excellent, challenging and provocative reads for us in the Catholic portal (and will soon be launching his own column with us) considers Stephen Colbert's sly, "cloak and dagger catechesis" and why it makes him a cheerful ambassador for the church, and perhaps the "best thing going" in American Catholicism.Colbert is a practicing Catholic and so is his character, and sometimes something apostolic appears to break through. Consider the confetti of … [Read more...]

Katie Couric and the Gravitas Issue – UPDATED

Taking a break from his lengthy vacation Greg Kandra -- who during his long career at CBS spent some time toiling on behalf of Katie Couric -- argues that, despite charges of sexism, or Gail Collins' weirdly bar-lowering, denial-laden praise (which declared that as long as Couric didn't make it "worse" for women, she'd been a "total success") Couric was simply a bad fit for the anchor's desk, and that everyone seemed to know it but Couric herself, and Les Moonves. Noting with irony that the new … [Read more...]

Vatican-Blogger Round-Up – UPDATES!

Bless Max Lindenman, who is still steering the ship while I'm kind of below decks throwing up. Hope to be back on my feet soon, as I must tape a couple of In the Arena's tomorrow, and then, finally, come up from the poop deck on Friday!I have so much to write about, but am not competent to the task, just yet, but I wanted to do a quick recon of the internet and find stuff for you about the Blogger Meet Up (and unload my camera, if I can find it). Here is a video from Rome Reports -- … [Read more...]

Remarks Delivered at VBM11

All packed to come home and once again too excited to sleep! The Vatican/Blogger Meet-up was exceedingly well put-together, both panels were interesting-- the second gave great information on i-developments coming out of the Vatican, and I believe most bloggers in attendance came away with a strong conviction that Rome is very serious about building a cohesive, co-operative relationship with the purveyors of Catholic social media.It was a real treat to meet so many bloggers and writers whose … [Read more...]