Is Assad Goading Obama? Herod Couldn’t Take it, Either – UPDATED

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Given the social media jeers of his adolescent son, and Assad's assertion that President Obama "is weak", it sure does look like Syria is trying to taunt Obama into blowing things up, over there.That alone should make everyone pull back from declaring "bombs-away."A few days ago I wondered whether Obama -- who last year recklessly pronounced the use of deadly chemichals ae "red line" to which America would respond with great vengeance and furious anger -- was in a similar position to … [Read more...]

A Collected Angel in Chicago


:::WARNING::: Explicit video; can be very upsetting to watch. You're warned.Doubtless many of you have seen this ugly video out of Chicago. Apparently the attack happened last April, but the video is going viral, now.It is shocking, and depressing; in a display of callous disregard for the dignity of another human person, and of his own complete lack of self-respect (not self-esteem, mind you, but self-respect) a young man punches an older man to the ground and then he and his … [Read more...]

Three Little Words – UPDATE

Deacon Greg used his phone to take this picture -- an ad on the back of a NYC bus, promoting NET-NY (Where of course, In the Arena and Currents are produced, along with many other great programs).Even if the ad promoted nothing at all, I love the idea of that message being seen on the streets of New York.Or any streets, anywhere, especially in these times.They are, after all, the consoling words of our visiting angels.UPDATE: Someone writes that they liked the words, not the image -- … [Read more...]

Missing Peter Falk

I knew that Peter Falk was an actor who often improvised, as his often powerful work with John Cassavetes attests, but I was still surprised to learn, first, that Falk was in Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire and second, that Falk largely improvised his role.Joseph Susanka discusses it all, hereFor me, however, the single most thought-provoking performance of his long and highlight-laden career will always be "Der Filmstar," from Wim Wenders' ethereal meditation, Wings of Desire (Der Himmel … [Read more...]