I Won’t Label You; You Won’t Negate Me – UPDATED


Continuing what has become and an unintended pattern, I continue with my every-other-week-Apocalypse, exclusively at First Things!Two weeks ago, I was saying, "We will have to become, ourselves, the reality we want to see. . .Let us begin, finally, to understand the true meaning of apocalypse by becoming it—not destruction and mayhem but revelation, as in the revelation of Christ to each other—in these strange and transitional days."This week, I am surprising even myself with the sta … [Read more...]

Resurrected Messianic Obama and “Being Apocalypse” – UPDATED


An interesting resurrection is taking place: the re-emergence of the Messianic Obama theme from the tomb to which it had been consigned.It began rather modestly, with the release of The Gospel According to Apostle Barack. But that was a mere gospel. Jamie Foxx then upped the ante by referring (ironically?) to "our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!" and today Drudge is featuring this story about a 2009 painting depicting a Messianic Obama who is "The Truth"The truth painting is old … [Read more...]