Eve in Mary Reconciled as are we All – UPDATED

evemary reduced

Eve and Mary by Sr. Grace Remington, O.C.S.OA couple of years ago I wrote about This beautiful illustration and the poem "O Eve":A Trappistine nun, [the late Abbess] Columba Guare of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, who composed the texts for the Abbey’s Christmas cards, wrote this lovely poem, wherein the Virgin Mary addresses Eve with hope and gladness:O Eve! My mother, my daughter, life-giving Eve, Do not be ashamed, do not grieve. The former things have p … [Read more...]

Orthodox Nuns and “God is With Us”

After wading around in the filth of this post, I needed a palate cleanser; this seems just the ticket. Beautiful Orthodox nuns, and a lovely recording by the Mennonite Sharon Singers: We Are Not Alone; God is With Us … [Read more...]

Barone, the Puppeteer and the Credentials FlimFlam


I agree with Michael Barone, in his defense of the "pampered Puppeteer":Conservative bloggers and commenters have been making fun of [Joe] Therrien, who quit his job as a drama teacher in New York City public schools to get a Master of Fine Arts in puppetry at the University of Connecticut.Now he’s saddled with $35,000 in student loans and unable to find a puppetry job. So he’s substitute teaching at half his former pay and is a member of Occupy Wall Street’s Puppetry Guild. [...] … [Read more...]

Pieta, Signore

When my son Buster was auditioning for music school, his instructor told him to end with "Pieta, Signore" which he sang with great expression; his teacher called it his "razzle dazzle signature piece". He sang as a baritone and his 17 year-old, immature voice was charming.But it surely wasn't this! (H/T Rocco Palmo) Pavarotti in his prime. Sublime. … [Read more...]

Finally, a movie I can't wait to see…

Almost nothing in the theaters is urging me to plunk down ten bucks, but The Way is, and Santiago Ramos' review is just whetting my appetite even more:El Camino de Santiago, or the “Way of St. James,” is a pilgrimage route in Spain which stretches for around 500 miles, if you start from the most popular starting point in the French Pyrenees. The path leads right up to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in the Spanish region of Galicia, where the remains of St. James the Apostle rest and a … [Read more...]

A Swan Lake Like No Other

The Great Chinese State Theater, typically remarkable-but-bizarre and over-the-top.Remarkable, yes. But I guess I'm old-fashioned and a traditionalist. I prefer Swan Lake without the extreme-acrobatics. … [Read more...]

Labor Day: Steyn on 16 Tons — UPDATED

If Mark Steyn were not such a brilliant social analyst (here's my take on his latest book, After America) then I would wish him to be recognized as the pre-eminent scholar and appreciator of the American Songbook. As much as I value his political stuff, I love when Steyn writes about the arts, and most particularly when he writes about music, where he is knowledgeable, funny and infectiously enthusiastic.For Labor Day, Steyn gives us two songs about labor, "Ol' Man River" and "16 Tons," but … [Read more...]

Art Matters: "A doorway to God"

I like this:Beautiful art is not just for cultural enrichment but is an important way to experience God and become aware of the human thirst for the infinite, Pope Benedict XVI has said.A sculpture, a painting, a poem or a piece of music can arouse a feeling of joy when it becomes apparent it is something more than just a chunk of marble, a canvas covered with colours, or words or notes on a page, he said.“It’s something bigger, something that speaks and touches your heart; it carries a mes … [Read more...]

Art and the Anchor of Friendship

I love this painting, Der Spaziergang, (The Walk) by Marc Chagall. He so beautifully captures the sense lightness that accompanies the feeling of euphoria founded upon love, and the need for the steadying anchor.It seems to me the perfect illustration for this rumination by Barbara Nicolosi on Friendship and the Artist, and how friendship gives spiritual sustenance to our creative friends and family members, who -- left unanchored -- might otherwise live forever in the clouds or "end up … [Read more...]

Learning The Artist's Rule

I'm a sucker for wavy stripes; I find them restful. So when I saw the cover of Christine Valters Paintner's The Artist's Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom, I gave a little gasp of appreciation -- okay, I stared at it in a kind of bliss for a while -- and anticipated in those blurred, calming lines the message: more restful stuff within!Well. . .yes and no. There's a little treasure trove within the book, but how restful one finds it depends, ultimately, upon one's … [Read more...]