Whoa, this is COOL!

I don't know, I look at these pictures and then consider the NYC Subway system, or others and think, why aren't we doing staggering, creative things like this, anymore? Art Deco gave way to Peter Max and then to minimalism, but this is fun!It's the Swedish Subway System, and it's awesome!I wonder how many stimulus dollars have been spent updating and re-creating our subway spaces. Must look that up. … [Read more...]

Beauty as Spiritual Food

The Crescat's Katrina Fernandez has long been at war with "ugly" church art and architecture which she insists "makes Baby Jesus cry...". She has an interesting essay up over at Patheos, where she argues that beauty is part of our spiritual sustenance:On any given day I am too-little exposed to beauty. I sit in traffic each morning staring at grey asphalt; I ride through treeless streets lined with utilitarian, ugly, ornament-free buildings and spend the remainder of my day in a cube. I … [Read more...]

Why Tyranny Fears Art – UPDATED

About ten years ago, maybe longer, I read an interview with U2's Bono, and he said (paraphrasing from memory) "art and lovemaking are the ways to touch God."I think he meant that art and lovemaking were transcendent because they are both activities are a means of self-revelation - that they take us out of ourselves and make us vulnerable in an act of creation, or co-creation, and there is tremendous power in that.Well, I happen to think - if that's what he meant - that Bono was correct. The … [Read more...]