My Favorite Fenway Moment!


Fenway Park is 100 years old!So, as we gear up for the start of the baseball season, here is my official Best Memory of Fenway:It was 2003. Eight innings into yet-another nail-biter of a series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, there came a guttural wail from the stands at Fenway Park.“For the love of God . . .”It was one lone voice; a man—whose sound was remarkably reminiscent of the late Chris Farley at his most passionately unhinged—was seated close enough to … [Read more...]

Baseball and Life: Living Within the Clutch

When I first began this blog, its header read, "Religion, Politics, Baseball; the Important Stuff!"(Photosource)I haven't written about baseball much these past few years. My new favorite Yankee is Curtis Granderson, and I am fond of Nick Swisher, but otherwise I haven't had much to say about the game since arguing against instant replay in baseball after the Galarraga-Joyce incident.But my column at First Things, today, is about baseball, and how love can sometimes lead us into … [Read more...]

Jeter's 3,000!

And he homered into it! One of the greatest ever played the game.And I missed it because I always forget weekend day games! Arghghg.Thank God for video, but it's still not the same as seeing it as it happens! … [Read more...]

The Confession, Fr. Corapi, SOLT, Baseball, More!

Have any of you folks been watching The Confession, on Hulu? I saw the first three chapters and found the confession scenes just riveting:When a cold-blooded hitman bursts into a hotel room to execute someone, the intended victim does something unexpected: he asks the hitman for a moment to make his peace with God. The hitman lowers his gun as the victim takes a chain with a crucifix from around his neck, holds it tightly in his hands, kneels down with eyes closed, and begins moving his lips … [Read more...]

Musing on Baseball, Stan Musial, Babe Herman

I am just so done with seeing snow everywhere. I have not seen my grass since before Christmas, and I need to see green. I need to see a big expanse of green.Preferably diamond shaped.It's not that I hate winter. As I wrote here,I love the quiet the snow brings. In the cities, four inches of snow can effectively sound-proof the hoof-and-horn bustle, at least until the plows come. In the suburbs it is more than sound-proofing. It is as though God has put his finger to the lips of a … [Read more...]