Book of Tobit, Perfect for Year of the Family

The Angel Raphael, Image Mine

All week at Mass we have been treated to readings from the Book of Tobit, one of my favorite books, which I have called "instructive and under-utilized". I have used passages from this book both while helping to prepare liturgies for marriages and also for funerals. It has made me very appreciative, as well, of the Archangel, Raphael.Because it is a book so full of strong family relationships, it seems perfect that its cycle in the readings comes up in the Year of the Family. A couple of … [Read more...]

The Book of Tobit is Instructive and under-utilized

The Angel Raphael, Image Mine

Earlier, I wrote that I am in the process of putting together the liturgy for my brother's funeral.That's not just a hard sentence to write, it is a difficult task to set oneself to. It requires a willingness to say, "yes, I suppose this must be done, and better to do it now, when I am thinking clearly..." when one really doesn't yet want to...quite...believe that the end is near.Choosing from an approved list of prayers used throughout the Mass of Christian Burial is not difficult, even … [Read more...]