Jesus on Flying out of Newark


Okay, palate cleanser -- have a laugh courtesy of Father Jim Martin, who knows how to be light of heart! I love this:On a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I started to wonder : What would it have been like for Jesus and the disciples to deal with the stresses and strains of air travel?1 Immediately Jesus left for Galilee with his disciples, via Newark. For their vacation in New York was finished; and they had spent all that they had on Broadway shows, including “The Book of Mormon.” 2 … [Read more...]

As with every Vatican Pronouncement…

. . . take media reports of this one with a grain of salt.When my Southern Baptist friends read press accounts of news or statements coming from the Vatican, they sometimes write me saying, "what fresh hell is this? Was Jack Chick right? Is the Vatican a bunch of commies?"And I always have to remind them to "ignore the headlines; the headlines are about the press framing their preferred narrative, because they know that two days of blaring headlines promoting one narrative will … [Read more...]

Update on Kitty and Where I Am -UPDATED

Hi folks! I hope you're making Lisa feel welcome (I have no doubt of that) and can't wait to see what she does while aboard. I may pop in and out, today, myself -- or I may not -- but wanted to quickly express my thanks for all of your kind prayers for Kitty. She is still spiking fevers, her heart rate is still accelerated today some draining of the abscess is going to happen; the doctors say she will not be released from hospital until at least Wednesday, so as you keep her in your thoughts, … [Read more...]

Kitty Update and Weekend

A book of Saints for catholic moms

Thank you all, for your prayers for Kitty. She is heading into a second CAT scan as they are concerned about something; she is still feverish and for some reason they are concerned about her heart rate, so things are not yet where we'd hoped they would be, by now. I'll keep you updated, but please know how much your prayers are appreciated.This weekend will be very busy, and I am not sure I'll get much time for blogging, but I do expect I will be hieing over here to post something, so do … [Read more...]

Helping You Get Enthused…

...because that's what I do!I know you know October is dedicated to the Rosary, and that is why I have directed you here and here over the past weeks. So, today, let Pat Gohn dispel any idea you might have that the rosary is the prayer of blue-haired old ladies:I have an aversion to being called a "Rosary rattler." But to those who know me, this isn't news.That was the name the local hipsters dubbed the so-called blue-hairs kneeling before Mass petitioning the Blessed Virgin … [Read more...]

Confederacy of Dunces: The Future in our Midst

I am ashamed to admit I have never read it (as I warned below, I am no intellectual), but I certainly will read it now, as it appears John Kennedy Toole's Pulitzer Prize winning A Confederacy of Dunces may have been prophetic, in a way. Note Max Lindenman's exposition of the book's anti-hero, Ignatius Reilly:[Ignatius] is a figure few readers would care to identify with. Obese, a sloppy eater, and a fashion nightmare—the earring, though exceptional for him, does little harm to the effect of h … [Read more...]

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Lepanto and More

Kathryn Jean Lopez and I recently commiserated with each other about how life as a writer/editor seems to translate into: "if you are awake, you're working". One need only look around the internet, or check the speaker's schedule around the DC area and in New York to see how busy Lopez is, and yet she's taken the time to contribute a piece to Patheos' Book Club:One of the saddest of sights, to me, is a locked door on a Catholic Church. Mercifully, I find them infrequently. And, all over the … [Read more...]

St Francis of Assisi and Authenticity – UPDATED

He's one of the biggies, so he gets a lot of coverage on his feastday. The Internets have been hopping and bopping on St. Francis all day.I've always thought of Francsicans as jolly folk; my cousin is a Capuchin, and he's a very joyful priest, and my Secular Franciscan friends are all joyful, too!For some fun and fantastic Franciscan lore check out Fr. James Martin at America, who celebrates the release of his latest book, Between Heaven and Mirth with some jolly stuff:This notion of the … [Read more...]

Hillary Looking for a Way In

Byron York notes that Bill Clinton is looking to burnish his reputation in comparison to Obama (hey, he doesn't need to convince me!):While the political world obsesses over Chris Christie, Rick Perry and the rest of the Republican presidential field, something is up with Bill Clinton. On Nov. 8, the former president will publish a new book entitled Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy. Judging by pre-release publicity, the book resembles nothing so much as a … [Read more...]

Mark Shea and Katrina Fernandez

If you missed the news over the weekend:Mark Shea's "Catholic and Enjoying It" can now be found, Here at Patheos.And Katrina Fernandez ("The Crescat") can be found Patheos, along with her essay, Shrews, the debut of her column, "More than Mortal Beauty"And the Patheos Book Club is talking two big books, with lots of new material being added each day. -- So check back each afternoon!Don't miss my interviews with Fr. Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt!Read Chapter One of … [Read more...]