October: Breast Cancer, Life and H.O.P.E.


Newer Patheos readers may not realize that our Pat Gohn is a breast cancer survivor (17 years cancer-free) who has written eloquently on the subject for her column.Like many survivors of breast cancer, I have some serious battle scars. My un-bandaged body after breast cancer certainly made for some interesting pillow talk between my husband and myself.Going into the crisis long ago, we barely considered what it would mean for our love. But when I was done with all the treatment, the … [Read more...]

Susan G. Koman halts Funds to Planned Parenthood

It always bugged me that Susan G. Koman for the Cure threw so much money toward Planned Parenthood when there are well-established (but ignored) links between abortion and breast cancer.Today it was announced that the foundation is halting its grants to Planned Parenthood:Planned Parenthood says the move results from Komen bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists. Komen says the key reason is that Planned Parenthood is under investigation in Congress — a probe launched by a c … [Read more...]