Attitude is Forever: Mayor Ed Koch, RIP

Koch on Brooklyn Bridge

"Brash" "Colorful" "Confrontational" and (oddly) "Bellicose" Those are the words that are being flung about today in memory of one of the great New York City mayors, Ed Koch, who passed in the wee small hours, at age 88.The one word these reports are missing is an important one, particularly when you're running the city called The Capital of the World: "Optimistic".Say his name one iconic image comes directly to the fore: the Mayor standing on the Brooklyn Bridge during … [Read more...]

Elite Women Do Not See This Abortion Reality – UPDATE

Clinic closed Nikole Hanna

(photosource)Recall that the only reason we ever heard about monster-abortionist/baby-feet collecting Kertmit Gosnell was because of an investigation into drug charges. Absent that investigation, we'd never have known about the filth, incompetence and reckless disregard for human life that comprised his profitable "services" to "women in need."And here, again, we discover abortion mill squalor, only because of a peripheral investigation:the Muskegon Fire Department has posted … [Read more...]