Boom!: Patheos Catholic Bloggers Call for Um…Revolution! UPDATED


Yes, Revolution. It all started with Joanne McPortland, who we know is completely subversive. She wrote "What's Really Wrong with Catholic Religious Education? Everything!":Bad Catechesis has been an integral part of our tradition for a lot longer than 40 years, and it still goes on. Our seeming inability to form Catholics who understand and embrace the basics of the Faith is not the fault of Vatican II or goofy textbook publishers or ill-equipped religious ed volunteers. It’s not even the f … [Read more...]

The Catholic Book Blogger comes to Patheos!


Back when Strange Gods was first released, I got an email from a friendly fellow named Pete Socks whose site, The Catholic Book Blogger, was about six months old.He gave my book a spanking review and also shot me some fun and interesting questions for an interview, and I began to follow Pete's work. I was impressed with his energy, his willingness to read and read when the books sometimes flow in more quickly than most of us can manage them, and to conduct lively give-aways. Along with … [Read more...]

A Prayerful Book Tour with a Pregnant Theme


A few days ago, while talking about myself I took a breath to mention Sarah Reinhard and her new book, A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism. It's the first " Book" to emerge from the creative partnership between Ave Maria Press and Lisa Hendey.I recently met Sarah Reinhard while at an event in Dallas, and she is one of those tiny, dynamic balls of energetic smarts; not only is she raising three small children, writing … [Read more...]

Effective Evangelization Ought to Persuade, not Provoke

A few weeks ago Deacon Greg posted this video, and people are still visiting it and many of them are sending it on to me, believing I must not have seen it, and wondering what I think about the "tolerance double standard" it reveals.Well, here's my response to that, over at First Things:There is no denying that the notion of “tolerance” has become somewhat fluid in the United States over the last decade, or that double standards apply to its application. Just last week, the Boston Globe … [Read more...]

Can we Separate Tebow from his anti-Catholic father? – UPDATE

Tebow Sparta

As regular readers know, I am into baseball more than football, but outside of watching games and reading boxscores I pay almost no attention to the private lives of sports figures. I only very recently found out, for instance, that Derek Jeter is no longer engaged, or that Nick Swisher and his wife spent their honeymoon meeting with troops.Of Tim Tebow, I know almost nothing beyond this: he's a committed Christian that a lot of people don't like, either because he's a committed Christian … [Read more...]

Are Catholics Tiring of Apologizing to the Culture?

I think so. Joanne McPortland continues to say the stuff I want to say but so much better than I can say it:Conservative critics, especially of academia, have made much over the years of the Tyranny of Tolerance, the ways in which thoughtful exchange among those who differ is purposely derailed by accusations of privilege and claims of victim status, examined for evidence of political incorrectness with a scrupulosity usually reserved for clerks of the Spanish Inquisition. I am not a … [Read more...]

I love this book!


I haven't read The Bible Tells Me So, yet; I never even heard about it until this week. But I love it, because Lisa Mladinich has written so entertainingly about it, and about the fellow behind it!It's the beginning of the catechetical year on a warm Wednesday evening in September, and a noisy crowd of raw recruits has just shuffled in and slumped into chairs, worn out from a long day at school.Before they can droop any further, he engages."Hey y'all, welcome to 6th grade … [Read more...]

Afflicted by Boredom…”Say something new!”

shutterstock_718546 carillon bells

My piece at First Things, today:With something like horror I realized that I—the news junkie whose earliest memories involve sitting on the floor, transfixed as Nancy Dickerson read the afternoon headlines and the iconic black and white images burned themselves into my imagination; the girl who had devoured political and religious stories and had made a happy career out of the chomping; the woman whose greatest joy after family was the perpetual wellspring of the internet where one c … [Read more...]

More Books, Books, Books


Buster graduated from college last month, and overall I am happy with his school experience, but I can't say I was happy with the yearly 4% increase in tuition. No matter how much the president of the university claimed to be "working hard" to cut costs, we could depend on a 4-5% increase every single year. We might not have been getting pay raises, but someone was.In his column today, George Will explains a little about that, and he does it via Glenn Harlan Reynolds of Instapundit, and his … [Read more...]

Linsanity, Parenting, Prayer, Healing


Patheos is making some impressive inroads in e-publishing, offering an unsurprising variety of titles to choose from (I'm thinking about putting some of my stuff into an e-collection) but there are still a couple of us toiling away for the printed side of things, as well, and here are three titles you should know about.For you sports fans, Tim Dalrymple, a former competitive gymnast who manages the Evangelical portal, has shown a pretty impressive ability to jump! Even as "Linsanity" is … [Read more...]