Supposed to be teaching, “I feel like I’m babysitting!”


The email was a cry from the heart from someone who really wanted to do the right thing:Dear Anchoress,I was asked to teach CCD to third graders making their First Reconciliation and First Communion. I am not a teacher. . .but having coached CYO (10-12-year-olds), and also having children (now adults), I agreed.I have been trying since September to "get into it." I prepare each week, sometimes for over a few hours. There are eleven kids in the class. They mostly show up, [but] if … [Read more...]

CCD Teachers, Get Ready!

After taking a summer break to write a murder mystery, Patheos' energetic, creative and passionate kids catechist Lisa Mladinich is back on the job, and she's got a new booklet full of advice and ideas for those CCD teachers preparing to teach the sacraments!Be sure to check out Lisa's earlier booklet, which is now also available in Spanish!Sacramental Preparation is at once a collection of powerful teaching methodologies and an urgent plea for catechists to recognize their dual "calling" … [Read more...]