Chaput from a Distant Pew – UPDATED

Whenever I see that picture of Archbishop Charles Chaput I think to myself, "great scott, he looks clean as a whistle!"And then I think, "his face is youthful, yet it has an ages-past quality to it," one that reminds me of the faces you would see in a reading primer of the mid-twentieth century -- it's almost too seamlessly innocent; you know there is depth beneath that baby face!Max Lindenman has a very balanced and well-wrought column up considering the Archbishop, who is soon to move to … [Read more...]

Tumbling America and the Narrative Thrust UPDATED

America is in the process of tumbling: she has one party interested only in "remaking" America with or without the constitution's guidance; it is a party become so expert at political maneuvering that it no longer believes it actually has to lead, build consensus or compromise -- ever -- and another party that can't manage to stick a post into a hole and call it a goal. The Democrats and Republicans remind me of nothing so much as Jules and Brett in Pulp Fiction -- the Democrats alternately sly … [Read more...]

Chaput = "SHAP-yoo" — UPDATED

An interview from 2008: (H/T)UPDATE: Okay. SHAPyoo seems to be the winner. And here is a really good piece by Dave Gibson on the man.+++++ UPDATE: First Things has just published A column by Chaput on Catholic Charity in Secular America:For Catholics, every human person—no matter how disabled, poor, or flawed—has a unique, inviolable dignity. Sanctity of life and the basic rights that go with it begin at conception and continue through natural death.But civil society con … [Read more...]

Swords, Chaput, Wheat and Weeds – UPDATED

My Tuesday Column over at First Things this week addresses what seems to me to be the unseemly amount of fretting being done by people of faith:Perhaps it is because so many Catholics currently seem to be wandering that some are panicking and reaching for their cutlasses. Certainly the Church does seem to be in a prolonged season of penance, wrought by both her tragic inattention to clerical abuses and the sinfully inadequate catechesis of the last forty years. That a couple of generations of … [Read more...]

Chaput to Philadelphia

I do believe that Rocco Palmo's Whispers in the Loggia may have been first to break the news, but New Advent might have won by a nose.And it's big news, indeed -- the beleaguered and hurting Philadelphia's new bishop is Denver's Charles Chaput:Rocco -- from whom I shamelessly cribbed the picture -- writes:He is brash, outspoken and fearless -- energetic, colorful, cultured... indeed, even hard-core....And if multiple indications from near and far have it right, he stands set to bring … [Read more...]