Worst. Fairy Tale. Ever. Also, the woman on the bed…UPDATED

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So, people have been asking me what I think about the Common Core curriculum and seriously, the little research I've done, it doesn't look so bad. I see that grammar, after taking a hit these last two decades, is back on the menu, so that's good. They should bring back civics, too, but I know they won't.That fairy tale above you see above, though, --a "core curriculumn aligned" worksheet that recently turned up in a Long Island elementary school -- bothers me, because it's just so damned … [Read more...]

Hello! What’s Wrong With the World?

You found me! With a little help from my pals at First Things, who helped you get ported over! It's sort of like Star Trek; you're on your where to where you thought you were going and then suddenly, you're transported elsewhere!Fascinating!Well, now that you're here, let's have a little fun, ala Chesterton!I think Chesterton had fun every time he picked up a pen, no matter how weighty the subject, but sometimes his wordplay is so imbued with a combination of wisdom and wit that it … [Read more...]