“He listened to the girl on GPS. Then to me, for 200 miles…”


I totally forgot that while taping this interview with Tony Rossi, I had completely revealed myself to be the harridan I try to hide from you, on a daily basis. It's here at about 5:10 into the chat.Tony's blog Christopher Closeup is one of the places I go when I need to decompress, because he always has a perspective-changer up there, lighting "one candle" against the darkness with heartening regularity. I'm not much of a light, but he generously offered to talk to me about my … [Read more...]

A couple of last-minute gift ideas!

history of the catholic church hitchcock

This landed in my mailbox yesterday: James Hitchcock's History of the Catholic ChurchLooks delicious, and I can't wait to read it, but before I could even peer at it, my son -- who likes reading all sorts of history -- grabbed it. He's been outside on the porch, reading and smoking, and reading, and he says he's loving it. So...a Buster recommend! If he didn't like it he'd say so, succinctly and in no uncertain terms.I was really happy to receive a signed copy of Amy Welborn and Ann … [Read more...]

The Christophers at Patheos!


A new year is a good time to forge a new partnership and I am (as Hubert H. Humphrey used to say) "as pleased as Punch" to announce the arrival of a new blog, Christopher Closeup, here on the portal!Anchored by the tireless Tony Rossi (who has contributed many excellent pieces to Patheos in the past year), Christopher Closeup will feature the exclusive online debut of new and upcoming podcasts, hosted by Tony, wherein he chats with entertainers, writers, sports figures and the interesting … [Read more...]