Hawaiian Folk Music, Crusades and Columns


Last night, my husband got home from an outing and watched The Descendents, starring George Clooney. Not really a Clooney fan, but he was very good, and the movie was engrossing. Hubby and I both wished that some religious perspective might have been introduced, but then that would have made it a completely different movie, so -- it is what it is. The reason I'm mentioning it at all, though is because we both commented, almost at precisely the same moment, that we were really enjoying the … [Read more...]

“I don’t have to think; Hollywood does it for me!”


And here is what Hollywood tells me to think: Catholics who take their church seriously are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love.Normally, since there is a movie trailer involved, I'd just send you over toward the Deacon's place, to watch it, but since I have something to say, I'll post it here:By the way, we often are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love but that's part of the human condition and nothing exclusive to Catholics.Knowing nothing about this film beyond … [Read more...]

Name that Movie! – UPDATED

i liebe

I saw this posted somewhere:And all I could think was: "I lieb ya, baby, I lieb ya, I lieb ya! Now lieb me alone!"Can you name the film?UPDATE: Okay, that was easy. Nathan Lane was great on broadway in Zero's role, but I still love the original film the best. How is it possible that 1968, a year I hated, looks like more fun than anything we're having today? … [Read more...]

Priest Videos and Problems of Recommendation

I have received probably three dozen emails over the past two days tipping me off to "a new priest video" or asking me to please post the video, or demanding to know why I have not yet posted it, as is my duty as a Catholic blogger.But I don't want to mischaracterize the emails. Most people are very nice, and they just want to make sure I am aware of this new video that advocates for the priesthood.Well, I am aware of it, but I haven't posted it here for a very simple reason. I don't … [Read more...]

Viva Cristo Rey!

Miguel Pro

This film, based on a true story, looks terrific!I admit that, like many Americans, my understanding of the Cristero War is pretty sketchy. I know about the martyrdom of the Jesuit priest Miguel Pro (how many great martyrs have been Jesuits!) and I had heard of Bl. Jose Sanches del Rio, and I know that these Catholic sisters were founded by a brave and determined Mexican woman, and that they still sing "Viva Cristo Rey!" But honestly, that's about all I know.Over at Hot Air, Ed … [Read more...]

In those Small Moments of Revelation

jack black hifi

My First Things column today is one of those odd ones that began at about 3AM as I was lying sleepless after a busy Christmas Day. I was all keyed up -- I suspect I'd had too much coffee, too -- and part of the Midnight Mass was racing through my head, and then a moment from a favorite film slipped in there. You know the brain skips from one reference to another. And the title came to me, so I just got up and wrote it.Sometimes when that happens, something good, like this, or this comes out … [Read more...]

Wyoming Catholic: A Most Unusual College

wyoming college is different

Wyoming Catholic College likes to conduct some of its classes in the great outdoors. In Wyoming.And it seems to be exactly the sort of row-against-the-tide school I would have loved to have sent my kids to, if they were at that point in their lives.The school is making a huge commitment to bringing Latin back to life, as students read and discuss classical and Christian authors entirely in Latin:While Patrick Owens, a Latin instructor at Wyoming Catholic College, climbed to the … [Read more...]

Shakespeare, Resentment, Self-Education and Thieves


There is a great phrase in U2's The Fly, where Bono sings,"Every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief they all kill their inspiration then sing about their grief."U2 was then in its Big Irony period, and the lyric is supremely ironic, as the first line of it was lifted from an interview with a British textual artist whose name I forget.With the opening of the latest "Shakespeare could not have written his … [Read more...]

Manna, Music and Men


Marcia Morrissey has a really inspiring piece up at Patheos this week as she writes of volunteering with her granddaughter at Feed My Starving Children:This past week I brought my oldest granddaughter with me to volunteer as a food-packer at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), an organization committed to feeding the hungry in places as disparate as Belarus, Mexico, Niger and North Korea. [...]We heard the story of a 14-year-old girl who came to an orphanage and was first thought to be … [Read more...]

Finally, a movie I can't wait to see…

Almost nothing in the theaters is urging me to plunk down ten bucks, but The Way is, and Santiago Ramos' review is just whetting my appetite even more:El Camino de Santiago, or the “Way of St. James,” is a pilgrimage route in Spain which stretches for around 500 miles, if you start from the most popular starting point in the French Pyrenees. The path leads right up to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in the Spanish region of Galicia, where the remains of St. James the Apostle rest and a … [Read more...]