LA Times Raises an Eyebrow at Ann Romney’s Horse?

kennedy yacht sailing

It is, of course, the usual mainstream media free-assist that should probably be considered a kind of campaign contribution: the LA Times, read by Hollywood folk who air-condition their garages while telling the little people to make sure they hang their laundry out to dry, today tries to help the Obama campaign's class warfare efforts by talking about Ann Romney's equestrian hobby, which both the headline and the very first paragraph of the Times' story points out, is "pricey."This is an … [Read more...]

Isn’t Obama, umm…rich? UPDATE

I'm sorry, I'm not looking to cause any trouble here -- you know I'm a peaceful girl at heart -- but am I missing something in the class-war-income-inequality narratives?I mean Obama and the Democrats keep making noises that approximate a tune that goes like this: "millionaires and billionaires are bad."Which, as Glenn Reynolds points out, was not the case when John Kerry and John Edwards (not to mention Al Gore) were Democrat candidates.The refrain to that song, of course, is about … [Read more...]