“An Experiment in Catholic Old Media”

ora et labora et zombies

I'm going to write more about the Catholic New Media Conference a bit later, but this is one part of the conference that I just need to give a space of its own.You know what these conferences are like, right? There's a thousand people milling about, and after a while one feels lost amid a sea of new faces, but then something stands out. For me, it was a young, tousled-haired man wearing a tee-shirt showing a monstrance and the simple word: ADORE."I like that," I told him."Thanks, … [Read more...]

Labor Day Thought from Houselander


"Sometimes it may seem to us that there is no purpose in our lives, that going day after day for years to this office or that school or factory is nothing else but waste and weariness. But it may be that God has sent us there because but for us Christ would not be there. If our being there means that Christ is there, that alone makes it worthwhile." -- Caryll Houselander, Reed of God, Page 60Julie Davis quoted Houselander during her really exemplary presentation at the CNMC, and it … [Read more...]