The Weirdly #Ashtag “Look-at-Me” Lent of 2014

Seriously, guys, this is no hardship!

Maybe it's me but there seem to be a lot of "oh no! It's Lent! We're going meatless for a day and how shall we endure it!" sorts of posts showing up on the 'net this year, and I'm puzzled about it.I mean, it's one meatless day. I'm betting many of us experience them at least once a week, without thinking about it. We might get up and have cereal or waffles in the morning, and then an egg-salad or tuna sandwich for lunch, and then decide on a veggie pizza for supper, without stopping for a … [Read more...]

Building on what you’ve built: A GREAT Story


My Patheos colleague Tim Dalrymple has a story and video that really should make everyone stop in their tracks and think about what we all mean when we say (or sneer) at each other: "success", "capitalism", "share", "evil corporations", "collectivism" and "church."We get caught up in words like those -- particularly in an election year where, suddenly, words like "hard work", "build", "success", "welfare", "human dignity", "profit", "business", "hand-outs", "hand-ups" and "community" are … [Read more...]

Gov't Destruction of Healthy Communities

Don't know if it's a case of good intentions gone awry, or a genuine motive of greed and the sort of crony capitalism we still see in force, but I think it's true that a "poor" neighborhood is not especially a bad neighborhood. I once lived in an area some characterized as a "slum." It was a friendly place where people looked out for each other.This neighborhood seemed really healthy in its sense of community, and it seemed to have lots of intact and happy families. Two things our nation … [Read more...]