“Eating Jesus Led me Home”


Over at Geek Goes Catholic, Jonathan Ryan writes occasionally and movingly about his reversion to Catholicism. This piece, and the vivid visual power of it, makes me think his story should be a film!:He knows that some of the people in his small town look down on him and his family for being poor. Most of the time that doesn’t matter because he still has baseball, books that fuel his scary imagination, and the arms of the Catholic Church. He lives for stories, lives for going to mass, a … [Read more...]

Leah Libresco, Media’s Favorite Puzzle

leah goggles

When Leah Libresco informed me that she was entering an RCIA program and wanted to know how to move her blog over here to the Catholic portal, she said she thought there might a some reaction to her conversion, but not enough to take up a whole day, so her main plan was to "sit on the porch and eat ice cream."I'm thinking the vanilla swirl has melted and congealed in the bowl, by now.Being busy with travel and a conference since last Wednesday, I've been a mostly-passive observer of the … [Read more...]

You can find anything on the internet…

Even your religion.Max Lindenman describes his experience:So great was my desperation that I felt no surprise, only relief, at finding the wit I sought on a right-wing discussion board, in the religion forum, and among the Catholics. Before Ted Haggard's fall and Rick Warren's rise, a certain section of American Bible Christianity was feeling its bloodiest and most thunderous. Members of the board's fundamentalist contingent approached religious debate as they would a drunken game of … [Read more...]