Orthodox Nuns and “God is With Us”

After wading around in the filth of this post, I needed a palate cleanser; this seems just the ticket. Beautiful Orthodox nuns, and a lovely recording by the Mennonite Sharon Singers: We Are Not Alone; God is With Us … [Read more...]

Assessing People as “Units” is Evil – UPDATED

As regular readers know, I rarely listen to talk radio -- the reception is lousy in the house and when I'm driving I like to listen to my cd's. But I was monitoring traffic on the all-news station and something annoyed me so I started flipping around. I hit the Mark Levin show and was stopped in my tracks by a conversation between Levin and a caller who identified himself as a neurosurgeon. Now I need to confirm if this is real.The caller said that he had recently gone to Washington to … [Read more...]

“Catholics have this ‘conscience’ thing!”

This obnoxious woman is never going to get off the stage; she's going to be with us for another decade, at least, spouting this kind of brainless, willfully obtuse stuff:“I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing [that puts women at risk.]’’And thank God for it, says I. This "conscience thing" is one of the last centering poles still propping up the once-understood notion that people are more than automatons with utilitarian lives. It … [Read more...]

“It’s mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity”

From Deacon Greg, who is some sort of a magician in the way he finds the best, most fascinating or touching videos.This one, blew me away, both for the visual presentation, the use of Vivaldi's Et in terrra pax hominimus, from the "Gloria" and most particularly due to the straightfowardness and humility of the scientist, Alexander Tsiaras, of The Visible Human Project, who says without fuss or fervor, "these are mathematical models beyond our human comprehension. . .it's mystery; it's magic; … [Read more...]

The Priest as Bridge and Balm – UPDATED


Over on the Dedicated-Catholic page of Patheos' symposium on the Future of Seminary Education, two more entries, and I think they're both exceptional expositions of both the challenges facing our new generation of priests, and the profound gift of opportunity that lies within those very challenges.Read Deacon Greg Kandra's remarkable and moving story (it made me cry) of Father Martino BaThong Nguyen, who was born in great deprivation in Vietnam and now serves in the Diocese of Savannah in … [Read more...]

Times Headline and Benedict XVI

Or, as Michael B. Dougherty wrote here at twitpic:This headline would be grabbier if it said "Pope Was Right, Times Wrong"But then, that's been known for a while … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs, Death Penalty and St. Therese

I'm totally tied up this weekend, but do check out these couple of things.Deacon Greg: Did you know Steve Jobs was adopted?. A homily for Respect Life Sunday. It's one of his best, so don't miss it.And think about the question: "what has happened to us?"Catholic Moral Theologians: seek to abolish the death penalty. The Church's position is ever-evolvingA couple of St. Therese links on her Feastday: St. Therese Getting Scientific; Being Little; and moreThat's Catholicism! A world wide … [Read more...]

Repugnant Non-Parenting

Over on the portal page, a couple of pieces you may like, but if you only have time to read one, I urge you to read Matt Emerson's piece on selective abortion:. . .We had arrived at the future we were cautioned about, the place where human life had no value except as a field of experimentation, where men and women manufactured life like canned food. Here, in this new place, unborn babies are called "singletons" and willful killing excites all the moral energy of selling a home.You have to … [Read more...]

Fr. Frank Pavone Facing Restrictions – UPDATED

Heard a few whispers about this the other day, but couldn't mention it because I really didn't know; seems the story is out:Father Frank Pavone, one of the country's most visible and vocal opponents of abortion, has been suspended from active ministry outside the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, over financial questions about the priest's operation of Priests for Life.The suspension was made public in a Sept. 13 letter from Amarillo Bishop Patrick J. Zurek to his fellow bishops across the … [Read more...]

Yes, We Can Talk About Abortion

Over at dotcommonweal, a serious and thoughtful discussion on abortion by three Catholics of slightly divergent views -- Dennis O’Brien, Peter Steinfels and Cathleen Kaveny -- demonstrate how to talk about abortion like adults: with courtesy, humanity, a bit of breadth and not a clenched jaw in sight -- and it is frankly, a very excellent thing.I predict you will not agree with any of them, in totality -- nor do I -- but I believe you will be surprised at how much common ground may be found b … [Read more...]