Dating, “going out”, “seeing…” it’s so confusing!

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When my niece was a teenager, I couldn't tell which (or if any) of the boys in the roving gang she hung out with was a guy she was actually dating. Turned out there was one fellow who was "hers" and we had a long confusing chat about how no one "dates" anymore. People "went out", which was different from "seeing each other" but that didn't mean they were dating, which apparently was completely passe.I never could get a handle on the new language, but I remember feeling sad that she and her … [Read more...]

Sweet Promise and Rank Propaganda

If you missed Sr. Lisa Doty talking about talking in Church, do check her out, and while you're over at the portal, do yourself a favor and avail yourself of some thoughts on promises and propaganda.First, read Max Lindenman -- typically sharp, sweet and funny -- On Dating Nice Catholic Girls:Annie Proulx once ascribed to a crippled ex-rodeo cowboy "a carved-wood quietude common among people who had been a long time without sex, out of the commerce of the world." That's it: the visible sign … [Read more...]