“We will not be welcomed by the likes of YOU!” – UPDATED


For crying out loud, Democrats? How insecure are you?If you're secure enough in what you believe -- if you're certain that you have a premium on the truth -- then what's so threatening about these welcome baskets that you can't accept them with a little good grace, say "thank you" and then enjoy the pralines and throw the literature away, if you don't like it?This reminds me of that silly female professor who had to leave a talk by Larry Summers because the poor shrinking violet … [Read more...]

God not “booed” but DNC Policies and Smarts Unclear

Obama and God

After the Democrats made a hasty move to restore God and a policy about Jerusalem into their national platform, from which they'd earlier been expunged, I see a lot of headlines (and tweets) about this video, and describing convention attendees as "booing God and Jerusalem."If, in fact, that's what they're doing, you gotta think that (especially for the so-called "smart" party**), that's pretty dumb. Not only do you not put those optics out there, you also don't give an impression that … [Read more...]