They’re running out of white veils, at Summit!

When my husband and I had a chance to attend a First Profession at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Summit, we saw that the professing nun, Sister Mary Magdalene was radiant with joy, but one impression that remained with me for a long time after was her small but constant smile of delight.To me it seemed eloquent of the intimacy of this moment of espousal to Christ. The declaration of vows is public, and yet it is all interior, as well. As I wrote, then:One expects a … [Read more...]

Heaven-Stormers Unafraid of Storm Sandy!

Doms in Dark

As a side note, I love that for monastics, the take on big storms is so very different. A few years ago, the Passionist nuns were blacked out for weeks thanks to an ice storm yet they maintained good humor. Last year the Dominincan Nuns in Summit New Jersey were left without heat and shivering together. This year, having just discovered that another big storm is headed their way, they display typical aplomb:". . .by unanimous consensus we decided that if the power does go out we’re eating t … [Read more...]

General Hospital Actor and the Monks of Mt. Athos – UPDATED


I have had more than one email asking me to follow up yesterdays "Nun News Roundup" with a similar post for the men. I am working on it, I promise, but for today, let's content ourselves with this very interesting piece by Tony Rossi:It’s not that unusual for an actor to thank God when winning an award. It was a first, however, when Jonathan Jackson thanked “the monks of Mount Athos for ceaselessly praying for the life of the world” while accepting his fifth Daytime Emmy for his role as Luck … [Read more...]