When Hating Oneself, the World, and God Seems Like Right Reason


There are times when -- all too innocently, because we have not been mindful of what is before us -- we give too much license to a dead past that cannot be changed, and then we lose our handle on things. Like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, we conjure from the ether of our past a solitary-but-sharply-outlined idea, and then suddenly, one after another, memories begin to fall upon us, like bright orbs called from galaxies far beyond, and much better kept in the distance. Our disappointing families … [Read more...]

Wise, brave exposition on suffering

Read Timothy Dalrymple's personal and poignant exposition:The tenth of February was the fifteenth anniversary of the day on which I broke my neck in a gymnastics accident. I have always noted the anniversaries inwardly, in a kind of morbid remembrance of that fateful day—that single moment, really, in the early evening—that changed my life decisively and irrevocably.Of the 5,475 days that have passed in those fifteen years, I have felt spinal pain in nearly every one. The pain arrives swi … [Read more...]

Where Martyrs May Lead

This morning, I offer you something completely different - an essay by a still-new-Catholic writer who declares himself irredeemably self-involved and yet manages to write about others with both heart and humor and even to slop a dollop of humility upon himself in the most unusual and engaging way. Enjoy Max Lindenman trying desperately to avoid sharing a meal with people he has loved, known or admired, and the nuns who draw him out, in Houses and the Holy:But last year I had to break … [Read more...]