Easter Praise: Update on Sarah K.


On Good Friday I posted a plea for prayers for friend Sarah, whose kidneys seemed to be shutting down.A few hours later, everything seemed to turn around. Sarah writes: "It seems to me a very large coincidence, yet, I hesitate to call it a miracle. Who am I God would do even a small miracle for?"Who are any of us? Who were Peter and Andrew that Christ should call them? Who was the adulterous woman that Christ should defend her? Who was the nameless leper to be made clean? Who was the … [Read more...]

Easter Monday Office of Readings – UPDATED

Speaking just for myself -- because in recent years I always seem to host the family feast of Easter Sunday, Easter Monday is a respite, almost a day of retreat and recovery; regaining energy expended over the past 4 days. I will be spending most of my day before my oratory, I think. I hope your Easter was wonderful.From an Easter homily by Melito of Sardis, bishopWe should understand, beloved, that the paschal mystery is at once old and new, transitory and eternal, corruptible and … [Read more...]