Wyoming Catholic: A Most Unusual College

wyoming college is different

Wyoming Catholic College likes to conduct some of its classes in the great outdoors. In Wyoming.And it seems to be exactly the sort of row-against-the-tide school I would have loved to have sent my kids to, if they were at that point in their lives.The school is making a huge commitment to bringing Latin back to life, as students read and discuss classical and Christian authors entirely in Latin:While Patrick Owens, a Latin instructor at Wyoming Catholic College, climbed to the … [Read more...]

What the Hell is WRONG with these people? – UPDATED


What the hell is wrong with people? What the hell were these parents thinking? What was the school thinking? Is self-respect a concept utterly lost to this country?These "adults" -- school administrators and parents -- clearly need to have their heads banged together until the stupid falls out:As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a recent winter sports pep rally at Rosemount (Minn.) High featured a comedy skit which took advantage of unknowing captains of the various winter … [Read more...]

CUA Same-Sex Dorms do not Discriminate

That was actually a pretty fast decision:A District of Columbia government agency says Catholic University does not discriminate against its students by forcing them to live in single-sex dorms.Catholic University went back to single-sex dorms for incoming freshmen this school year. University president John Garvey wrote in the Wall Street Journal in June that the change would reduce binge drinking and “hooking up.”A George Washington University law professor, John Banzhaf, filed a co … [Read more...]

Catholicism: Living Tradition is not Trendy


We've been talking about Robert Barron's Catholicism -- both the book and the DVD series -- for for months, and I am surprised that with all of my reading, I had missed Maurice Timothy Reidy's review at America magazine in which Reidy -- while liking a great deal about the series -- complained that the thing does not adequately embrace the now:It is wonderful to contemplate that we share a faith with the men who crafted the rose windows at Notre Dame and the African martyrs who died in … [Read more...]

Barone, the Puppeteer and the Credentials FlimFlam


I agree with Michael Barone, in his defense of the "pampered Puppeteer":Conservative bloggers and commenters have been making fun of [Joe] Therrien, who quit his job as a drama teacher in New York City public schools to get a Master of Fine Arts in puppetry at the University of Connecticut.Now he’s saddled with $35,000 in student loans and unable to find a puppetry job. So he’s substitute teaching at half his former pay and is a member of Occupy Wall Street’s Puppetry Guild. [...] … [Read more...]

Shakespeare, Resentment, Self-Education and Thieves


There is a great phrase in U2's The Fly, where Bono sings,"Every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief they all kill their inspiration then sing about their grief."U2 was then in its Big Irony period, and the lyric is supremely ironic, as the first line of it was lifted from an interview with a British textual artist whose name I forget.With the opening of the latest "Shakespeare could not have written his … [Read more...]

CUA a Pontifical University: No Jesus-Free Places UPDATE

Profile on Ali Basiri, Muslim student at Catholic University

Ali Basiri, 27, prays next to his desk in his office at Catholic University. Ali is an Iranian graduate student who came there to study electrical engineering more than four years ago. Astrid Riecken / For The Washington PostThe Catholic University of America (CUA) a Pontifical University. That means this is a school established by the Holy See, and directly under its authority. As such, it cannot be true to itself while creating "Jesus-free" spaces.To demand that a Pontifical University … [Read more...]

A Catholic Seminarian Reflects UPDATED


Michael Duffy will be ordained a transitional deacon on December 8, in anticipation of his ordination next June. Some may remember his contribution, last year, to our "Habit of Witness" series, when he wrote about "The Collar as Yoke and Witness"As part of our Symposium on Seminary Education, he shows up tonight on the Catholic page and writes very effectively (and affectingly) on the experience of a seminary formation:We are all called to follow and to conform to the promptings and … [Read more...]

Future of Seminary Education


I mentioned yesterday that Patheos was hosting a symposium on the Future of Seminary Education, and that it was primarily focused on Protestant seminaries, but today we're going live with a page devoted to Catholic Seminary issues, which we're kicking off with a very informative piece by Father Shawn McKnight.Father Shawn is currently serving as Executive Director of the Secretariat for Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations at the USCCB, and he writes, here:There's good and bad news … [Read more...]

"Be not afraid…."

Lisa Mladinich on the stage fright of teaching religion:The afternoon I registered my daughter for her first-grade religion class, I had no intention of signing on as a teacher. I was too busy writing a novel and working as a freelance puppeteer. I simply made the mistake of volunteering to "help out," since I'd be waiting around for her anyway, and got roped into teaching her class.I walked out of the parish center with my heart in my throat.Yeah, the old "you're going to be here anyway, … [Read more...]