Echoes, Ghettos & the Chasm of Unknowing

Start here with Robert Royal's piece on the "anti-Catholic moment" Are we living in one?Maybe. But I'll get back to that, later.The hatemail and disgusting threats being made against Stacy Trasancos are reprehensible and cannot be justified.They can't. Don't try. Don't say "well, she..." and then prattle on that her expressed frustration and the hurt feelings of others justifies wishing that her children be "kidnapped, raped and murdered."Don't say, "but..." because there is no but. … [Read more...]

Branding 3 year-olds as Haters, for Life

I'd guess this is the absurd and disspiriting levels to which unchecked political-correctness and a thought-policing society may descend:3 Year-olds Branded Racist, Homophobic; Put in Gov't Database:Over 30,000 British schoolchildren, some as young as three, have had their names registered on a government database and branded “racist” or “homophobic” for using playground insults, infractions that could impact their future careers.The shocking figures were disclosed after civil liberties gr … [Read more...]

Sentimentalism: a softer shade of tyranny

Disorientation; How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind features essays on modern "Isms" (Hedonism, Americianism, Marxism, Modernism, Relativism, Cynicism) from some of your favorite Catholic writers, including Peter Kreeft, Eric Metaxas (whose Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy is an award-winning must-read!), Fr. Z., Fr. George Rutler, Jimmy Akin, Mark Shea, Fr. Dwight and many more. Given the time of year, I've been recommending it be added (along with the YouCat) to everyone's … [Read more...]

An Elegant Argument for Catholic Education

PhotosourceFirst things first. The goal of a Christian is to come to know and believe in Jesus Christ and to live with God forever. Catholic education remains vital because it anchors itself in that foundational truth. [. . .] Catholic schools are also indispensable because they help students understand the transcendent purpose of their thousands of hours of cramming and test-taking. As one of my colleagues put it, Catholic education responds to the question, "What now?" "Now that we know … [Read more...]

aka Sister Maria Veritas

Some may remember watching a video, in the spring of 2010, in which a young Harvard grad named Mary Anne Marks -- of Queens, New York -- made an engaging and lively salutatory address in Latin at commencement.Miss Marks, who turned out to be one of Deacon Greg's parishioners, sat for an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO before becoming a postulant with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, trying her vocation in this fast-growing Dominican teaching … [Read more...]

A Dictatorship of Sentimentalism

In my column over at First Things, today, I recall Ann Rice "quitting Christianity" just about a year ago, and ponder why that might have happened:At the time Rice was writing, we were well into the summer of Tea Party unrest preceding the 2010 elections, and mainstream media were disseminating the usual mean Christian caricatures spouted in any election year. In 2010 patently false claims that Christians hate gays, women, and science had been given new force by the Proposition 8 drama in … [Read more...]

When Young Faith is Tested

In his column today, Matt Emerson, who teaches at a Jesuit prep school, expresses concern over the effectiveness of our current religious education programs. Addressing the aftermath of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, he writes of working through Psalm 46:Those classes, and that day, were sacred moments. There had been an uncovering. In the darkened room, in the mild glow of a projector screen bearing ancient words, I had been given an x-ray of my students' spiritual life. The images were … [Read more...]

All that lying hysteria…

and hysterical lying!Read Ann Althouse.Heh. … [Read more...]

"Twilight of Mercy" and the "Wasteland"

Today we introduce a new columnist to our roster, Matt Emerson -- whose work you have read in the past months, considering Jesuit Education, why he left practicing law, behind, the popularity of Lady Gaga in light of Gaudium et Spes and Stephen Colbert in light of catechesis.His column is called "After Manresa" and I will leave it up to him to tell his readers what that's about another time. His debut column manages to coin a phrase ("Criteria Catholicism") and ask a serious question regarding … [Read more...]

Conan O' Brien's Brilliant Commencement Address

Conan O' Brien gave the commencement address at Dartmouth college, and it is longer than usual, but stick with it for the sheer entertainment value. At about the 18 minute mark, O'Brien gets serious and personal, and the speech goes from enjoyable to sublime. Discussing his professional journey and its disappointments, he says: "There are few things more liberating in this life than having your worst fear realized."You can tell he means it; between quips, he speaks passionately and with … [Read more...]