CUA re-embracing single-sex dormitories

I had the pleasure of meeting CUA's new president, John Garvey a couple of months ago, and came away impressed with his energy and his obvious interest in his students. That sincere interest is on display in his very "counter-culteral" move to re-establish same-sex dormitories at Catholic University:"Virtue," Aristotle concludes, "makes us aim at the right mark, and practical wisdom makes us take the right means." If he is right, then colleges and universities should concern themselves with … [Read more...]

Don't shoot the teacher…

Hey, everyone. Max Lindenman here. While the lovely and talented Elizabeth prepares for her pilgrimage to Rome, I'll be guest-blogging for her, or as I like to think of it, acting as her vicar.I found a fascinating opinion piece in today's New York Times. Joe Nocera argues that even the best, most dedicated teachers can't make students learn if their parents are standing in the way:Instead, González comes across as a skeptic, wary of the enthusiasm for, as the article puts it, “all of the ed … [Read more...]

Escape from the Law

Many of you enjoyed Matt Emerson's last piece for Patheos, where he looked at Education and the Dubious "Frontier" into which we're launching ill-prepared students. As a lawyer who chucked it to become a teacher in a Catholic school (where the pay is meager, I am sure) he writes here about how almost no one seems to go into law anymore out of a sense of vocation or calling, and that often leads to being overburdened financially, beset materially and distanced from their faith:While I am aware … [Read more...]

Another reason to defund PBS!

Mad men, sad men and ... happy men?Is it too difficult for Sesame Street to teach the concept of gladness? While watching this video, everything in me was screaming, "glad! GLAD! You're GLAD MEN!"They missed an opportunity to make education dynamic: "This makes me happy! This makes me GLAD!""Happy, happy, happy, we're GLAD men!""We've been mad, sad, and glad!Add "glad" and you've given the children the concept of a synonym, plus a fun rhyme, and you've added a little wordplay for the … [Read more...]

Women's History: Drexel, Connelly, Addiss?

March is Women's History Month, and a good time to introduce you to the sorts of formidable women who made (or are making) enormous differences to the lives of many, but who frequently go unmentioned in the mainstream. Today I am going to introduce you to three of them. Interestingly enough, the first two hail from the affluent Philadelphia Society of the 19th century -- one was heiress to a fortune -- and the other is a modern woman of boundless energy, imagination and great warmth.Because … [Read more...]

Jesuit Education vs the Virtual Frontier

My husband is a Jesuit-educated fellow, and he has a great deal of respect for the way Jesuits help to hone a student's reasoning abilities and encourage a life-long love of disciplined study.So he was both troubled and pleased -- but admittedly mostly troubled -- to read this piece by Matt Emerson, who teaches at a Jesuit Prep school:"The frontier" is the metaphor the Society of Jesus recently selected to frame the position of Jesuit education in the modern world. Last summer, at Santa … [Read more...]

"Quality" Teachers for Wisconsin – UPDATED

Photosource, Althouse, taken by Meade."I NEEN QUALITY TEACHERS."They need teachers who can instruct them to love the qualifiers that denote the character of a quality - whether it is high-or-low, good-or-bad teachers that they neen and want.But apparently Wisconsin students are being pulled from their necessary classes in order to help teachers protest "whatever this dude [Governor Scott Walker] is doin'.My favorite observation on this story of schools closing so teachers may protest … [Read more...]

Lenten Reading: Jesus and Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

It's that time of the year again. As Ash Wednesday approaches (it's later than usual this year, and am I the only one who feels likes she's missing it and needs it to begin?) I'll be suggesting books that may enhance the Lenten journey.Foremost in my recommendations will be this book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. It is foremost because the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and it is so poorly understood by so many -- even among Catholics -- that I can … [Read more...]

Challenges, Rewards of Teaching Deaf Children

Catechist extraordinaire Lisa Mladinich, whose weekly column "Be an Amazing Catechist" has become a first-stop resource for RCIA facilitators and CCD teachers, has for the last two weeks been focusing on the challenges and rewards of serving the Deaf community of faith. Last week, she looked at the great needs within the church - what they are, and how well we are addressing them:In November 2009, Pope Benedict met with 400 deaf and hearing Catholic clergy and lay people, from sixty-five … [Read more...]

Beauty as Spiritual Food

The Crescat's Katrina Fernandez has long been at war with "ugly" church art and architecture which she insists "makes Baby Jesus cry...". She has an interesting essay up over at Patheos, where she argues that beauty is part of our spiritual sustenance:On any given day I am too-little exposed to beauty. I sit in traffic each morning staring at grey asphalt; I ride through treeless streets lined with utilitarian, ugly, ornament-free buildings and spend the remainder of my day in a cube. I … [Read more...]