Coptic Christians in Egypt


Our Coptic Brothers and sisters in Egypt need our urgent prayers need our prayers:It was against the unmistakable backdrop of St Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday that the Holy Father spoke of his deep sadness at the violence which engulfed the Egyptian capital Cairo last Sunday.26 people mostly Coptic Christians where killed when a peaceful protest by Christians demonstrating over an earlier attack on a church in southern Egypt turned violent.The Pope said he was united in sorrow with … [Read more...]

Sowing into Overreach and Weakness UPDATED

My Tuesday column is up over at First Things. It occurred to me that one must stretch out in order to sow seeds of change, but eventually the stretch becomes an overreach that ends up perverting and weakening a movement, whether it's feminism, labor unions, even grassroots efforts or churches.On some level, what is weak knows that it is weak; it understands that foundationally, it cannot support the weight of its own ideas, much less endure an opposing wind. And because weakness knows this, … [Read more...]

Mubarak Out; Another Historic Marian Feastday! UPDATED

It occurs to me that the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and the potentially world-changing events that are occurring today in Egypt have happened on a Marian feastday: today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.Recalling that Nelson Mandela was freed on this very day, in 1990, I started looking up other dates and events. My friend Paul helped me out, and here is a partial list of recent historical events that have occurred on days set aside to honor the Theotokos, the God-bearer, who delivered unto … [Read more...]

Mubarak GONE! Egypt Steps Into Great Unknown – UPDATE

UPDATE: A day later - he is really gone.. The crowd in Cairo, the crowd is wild with joy. And it begins. NOW they step into the great unknown, and it will impact the whole world. In other nations where people feel oppressed, they are going to wonder if they, too, can empower themselves by sheer force of will and numbers.Meanwhile, depending on how this great unknown develops (and right now that is a staggeringly unanswerable question) some nations, who have been feckless or … [Read more...]

Egypt: As Vague as We Wanna Be – UPDATED

PhotosourceIn 2003, when the United States liberated Iraq, an older Iraqi man related his vision of what life would be like without Saddam Hussein.“Democracy!” he shouted. “And whiskey! And sexy!” Yes, but perhaps with a Middle-Eastern, faith-based spin that intellect-based Washington could never quite grasp, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, and now, not in Egypt.My column at First Things takes a look at Egypt, and the nearly impenetrable vagueness that has surrounded the story of the Januar … [Read more...]

Egypts Army has Chosen? – UPDATED

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:The Mubarak regime has begun to act more forcefully to shore up its power after days of protests pushed it to the brink of collapse. Security forces have begun arresting and intimidating bloggers, journalists, and human rights activists in an attempt to reimpose order in the wake of street fighting:An informal center set up by human rights workers in the square was seized, and a group of journalists was stopped in their car near the square by a gang of men with … [Read more...]