Obama, Dems Almost Answerable to No One


Obama already doesn't answer to the mainstream press -- and they're fine with that which is why they never ask him directly challenging questions, or even simple ones like, "can we see your college transcripts?" I mean, that's an easy one. And the follow up is easy, too: "why not?"Another easy-peasy: "define 'transparency'".So, forget the press. Obama does not answer to them and never will, because the press doesn't even want that. They've worked very hard building their narrative and … [Read more...]

Obama’s Golden Champagne Tower

obama fundrsr champagne tower

Okay, in fairness, it's not really Obama's champagne tower, worth over $100,000. It's Jay-Z and Beyonce's golden champagne tower and it was a centerpiece of last night's Obama campaign fundraiser (his 141st this year) at Jay-Z's 40/40 club, where for a mere $40,000 per person, folks got to hang with the president and hear his pearls.There's nothing more to be said, really, except the picture and accompanying story come to you courtesy of the UK press, as both of Obama's fundraisers in NYC … [Read more...]

Cleverest Remark on DNC and Clinton

peter denies three times

Yesterday, the DNC had to pretend it had a 2/3 vote to assert that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and for the inclusion of the phrase, "God-given gifts" into their national platform, because three attempts to vote couldn't bring it. Whether it was the "God" language or the "Jerusalem" language they resisted more is hard to say. But the nays seem to have it it.And then, of course, the mob boo'ed, jeered and hissed.Later, Bill Clinton came out and did what Bill Clinton does better than … [Read more...]

God not “booed” but DNC Policies and Smarts Unclear

Obama and God

After the Democrats made a hasty move to restore God and a policy about Jerusalem into their national platform, from which they'd earlier been expunged, I see a lot of headlines (and tweets) about this video, and describing convention attendees as "booing God and Jerusalem."If, in fact, that's what they're doing, you gotta think that (especially for the so-called "smart" party**), that's pretty dumb. Not only do you not put those optics out there, you also don't give an impression that … [Read more...]

Calming the Catholic Caricatures

Three excellent pieces, today, all making the very excellent and true argument that Catholics cannot really be labeled and pigeonholed into political and ideological caricatures, no matter how desperately the media (and too often Catholics themselves, of each other) try to do it.First up, Father Robert Barron looks at Paul Ryan and says, he's neither the social menace or the knight in shining armor that partisans want you to believe:In its social teaching, this same sort of "bi-polar … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Patheos’ “News and Politics” and “Public Catholic”

Rebbecca Hamilton_large

Deacon Greg is probably one of the least "political" writers at Patheos, but he is still a newsman and his Catholic perspective has him rounding up articles on Paul Ryan and also culling specific Ryan/Catholic issues from the headlines, like this one: Ryan's Budget a "Quandary" for some Catholics"Meanwhile, just in time for the electoral season (and destined to live beyond it), Patheos has created a sort of one-stop landing page for all of your "mixing my faith with my politics" needs, … [Read more...]

Obama and Welfare Reform: Gutting Bill Clinton’s Best Legacy?


Mickey Kaus has been writing about it: Obama weakens welfare reform (again):Here are some quick initial reactions to the administration’s apparent surprising (and possibly illegal) attempt to grant waivers of the work requirements written, after great effort, into the 1996 welfare reform law. I’m posting Thursday night; the story should break for real tomorrow (Friday). This will be updated over the next few days if possible.Well, the story has broken, indeed, and you should go read Mic … [Read more...]

Condi as Veep? Why the Dems, MSM Won’t Stand for It – UPDATED

condi black boots

I admire Ms. Rice a lot; I think she's a smart and accomplished lady who can really wear a slit-skirt and boots.But I have often found it odd that, when speaking, she so frequently sounds breathless and a little afraid. Even in this audio which purports to be what has piqued the interest of the Romney camp.The rumors had Twitter very busy last night and Facebook is chattering, today; apparently Limbaugh says it might be Condi. Noonan makes a pretty good argument for why it should … [Read more...]

Feeling Optimistic on the Roberts Ruling on Obamacare

Well! That was an invigorating and enjoyable 24-hour news cycle, wasn't it? The hysterics; the swearing and f'bombing; the renewed exposure of "real media" as ranting and incompetent drama queens; Nancy Pelosi's predictable incoherence; the wholesale giving over of Americans to their emotions! "We won!", "We lost"; "America is over!" "America is getting a second chance!"; "It's a tax!", "It's a penalty!"; "She's my daughter and my sister!"Oops. That's Chinatown, Jake.Yesterday many in … [Read more...]

LA Times Raises an Eyebrow at Ann Romney’s Horse?

kennedy yacht sailing

It is, of course, the usual mainstream media free-assist that should probably be considered a kind of campaign contribution: the LA Times, read by Hollywood folk who air-condition their garages while telling the little people to make sure they hang their laundry out to dry, today tries to help the Obama campaign's class warfare efforts by talking about Ann Romney's equestrian hobby, which both the headline and the very first paragraph of the Times' story points out, is "pricey."This is an … [Read more...]