“You can have an education, I guess, but not one as good as mine…”


Here is Yale alum Leah Libresco responding with vigor to Keli Goff's recent article entitled "Female Ivy League graduates have a duty to stay in the workforce":Goff assumes that women who leave the workforce will cease to use the education that they paid for, but there’s nowhere you can go that learning about beauty and citizenship and character and tradition aren’t relevant. The liberal arts are supposed to have taken up philosophy’s mantle as preparation for death — the study of how we s … [Read more...]

DC Wins Hypocrisy and Let Them Eat Cake Trifecta! – UPDATE

Hypocrite Trifecta Winners

I am seriously of the opinion that there is not a single office-holder in Washington who deserves either our respect or our trust and yesterday they managed to win the trifecta of utter elitist shamelessness and privilege:1) Washington DC Airports Spared Sequester Impacts. Our betters mustn't be made to wait; delays for you but not for them.2) Obama's $3 Million Cap on Retirement Accounts Would Not Apply to Him. That would be your IRA. At some point you've made enough money, but not … [Read more...]

Whaddya want, more COMMONERS in the world?


He has been writing an important series on culture, class and the decline of marriage on his blog, but Ross Douthat's latest column in the New York Times is getting a lot of attention, as it is a rather thoughtful look at the propensity of Ivy-League alums to seek out Ivy-League mates, and how it affects the nation:Of course Ivy League schools double as dating services. Of course members of elites — yes, gender egalitarians, the males as well as the females — have strong incentives to marry o … [Read more...]

Why Tim Tebow Terrifies – UPDATED

Tim Tebow

Mentioned yesterday that my First Things post today would be joining in on the multitude of words being written about Tim Tebow. Patton Dodd has given a terrific overview of Tebow in WSJ and in his ebook, but I was interested in one small aspect of his phenomenon: how terrifying Tebow must be to those busy elites in politics and media who are so determinedly constructing the ungainly "profits-gained-outside-of-government-or-other-approved-venues-are-evil" narrative and the more subtle but … [Read more...]

Bloomberg: No Clergy, No FDNY -UPDATE

So, let me get this straight, just so we're all on the same page, here.When two hijacked, terrorist-piloted passenger jets were deliberately flown into the Twin Towers, in an act of war against our nation, the first recorded casualty was a Roman Catholic priest and NYFD chaplain -- Fr. Mychal Judge -- who had ridden to the burning towers, and blessed doomed firefighters, hearing last confessions on the way.And while Judge's body was being carried away from the catastrophe by the … [Read more...]