Assessing People as “Units” is Evil – UPDATED

As regular readers know, I rarely listen to talk radio -- the reception is lousy in the house and when I'm driving I like to listen to my cd's. But I was monitoring traffic on the all-news station and something annoyed me so I started flipping around. I hit the Mark Levin show and was stopped in my tracks by a conversation between Levin and a caller who identified himself as a neurosurgeon. Now I need to confirm if this is real.The caller said that he had recently gone to Washington to … [Read more...]

ACT III: American Fall – The Revolution


Michelle Obama did tell us "Barack Obama will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual". Specifically, she said:Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.Oh, irony. The most … [Read more...]

Yes Breivik's Headshots Were for the Slaughter

When the first pictures of Anders Breivik were released, I wondered whether: "these professionally-done headshots meant for this moment? Did he have them done in anticipation of seeing them splashed all over the world and included in history books? Did he mean to look as posed as possible for posterity?"It seems that yes, yes they were posed for, for posterity."The police usually 'leak' 'retarded looking' photos to the press after raiding the cell's apartment after an operation," Brevik … [Read more...]

After Norway: Is Evil Gaining on Us?

Watching the horrendous pictures that came out of Norway, and looking at the daily headlines full of looming chaos, stagnated employment, frustration, divided government, economic uncertainty (is the "debt-ceiling crisis" a true "crisis" or extended misdirection?) and more, it's easy to think that evil is gaining on us -- that it is winning.In her column, A Word in Season, Pat Gohn looks at this season of trepidation and uncertainty and her word is this: do not fall prey to that … [Read more...]

Prayers for Norway – UPDATED

(photosource)A day of terrible stories out of Norway:20.46 Oslo's mayor Fabian Stang said that the capital was struggling to come to terms with the idea that it had joined the list of cities targeted by bombers. "Today we think about those people living in New York and London who have experienced this kind of thing," he told Sky News. Living without any sympathy for other people, for me, it's impossible to understand. "I do not think it is possible for us to understand what has happened … [Read more...]


It's not about sex. Sex abuse and rape are always about asserting power and dominance and control. (H/T)And it is always evil.Today, despite his hospital treatment, Jean Paul still bleeds when he walks. Like many victims, the wounds are such that he's supposed to restrict his diet to soft foods such as bananas, which are expensive, and Jean Paul can only afford maize and millet. His brother keeps asking what's wrong with him. "I don't want to tell him," says Jean Paul. "I fear he will say: … [Read more...]

When True Evil Rises Before Us

Matt Emerson's piece this week looks at the horrifying ordeal of the Petit family, and ponders what faith provides when pure evil breaks into our lives.If you need a refresher, this is the story:The terror began after two long-time criminals, Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, broke into the Petit home. After finding Dr. Petit, they battered him with a baseball bat, bound his hand and feet, and dumped him in the bottom of the home. They raped Mrs. Petit and 11 year-old Michaela.When … [Read more...]

Imagining One World, the Reality of Another

It occurs to me, reading these two columns that they speak to each other, in a way.First, theologian Tim Muldoon's consideration of the social mindsets and cultural understandings that would have to accompany a national repugnance toward abortion:These strong women would understand that in other nations where women have recourse to abortion, they do it because of social pressures that drive a wedge between sex and reproduction. They would learn the history of men's manipulation of women's … [Read more...]