When True Evil Rises Before Us

Matt Emerson's piece this week looks at the horrifying ordeal of the Petit family, and ponders what faith provides when pure evil breaks into our lives.If you need a refresher, this is the story:The terror began after two long-time criminals, Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, broke into the Petit home. After finding Dr. Petit, they battered him with a baseball bat, bound his hand and feet, and dumped him in the bottom of the home. They raped Mrs. Petit and 11 year-old Michaela.When … [Read more...]

Imagining One World, the Reality of Another

It occurs to me, reading these two columns that they speak to each other, in a way.First, theologian Tim Muldoon's consideration of the social mindsets and cultural understandings that would have to accompany a national repugnance toward abortion:These strong women would understand that in other nations where women have recourse to abortion, they do it because of social pressures that drive a wedge between sex and reproduction. They would learn the history of men's manipulation of women's … [Read more...]

On Loving Halloween

monks no faces cropped

I got an email asking whether Christians should celebrate Halloween. What the what? Is this a thing now? There is even a question? You know what the answer is?"Come on, folks, lighten up!"I recall getting into it a few years ago with a middle-aged Catholic woman, who was upset with me because I embraced Halloween with enthusiasm and dressed my kids up as scary invisible monks.That particular year, as I recall, I had a purple witch hanging from the front porch, looking as though … [Read more...]