“Gain a world of followers and lose your own soul…”

pond ripples

Pope Benedict XVI famously urged Catholic clergy, religious and laity to get on to the web, learn how to use it and then "give the internet a soul", and it's certainly gratifying to see the many fervent Catholic folk who have taken his words to heart, here at Patheos and elsewhere.But working, even catechizing, online comes with its own spiritual dangers -- sins so easily fallen into that they almost don't seem like sins at all; they become "just a thing that happens on the 'net." Sort of … [Read more...]

In the Year of Faith, I promised you Poetry!


When I wrote about our dedicated Year of Faith page last week, I mentioned that you should keep checking back to it every day (or, okay, a couple times a week) to see what new voices were contributing, and I also promised (or threatened) poetry!And today, we have the poet and essayist Sally Thomas musing -- briefly but effectively -- on something we all could stand to do more of -- a habit we might especially try to adopt most particularly and consciously, in this Year of Faith! Check it … [Read more...]