Two Luscious Female Voices

Saying really smart things!That would be Pat Gohn in her latest Among Women Podcast, where she makes a very loving and learned exposition of of Mary's visit to Elizabeth and what it teaches us, and then brings in her fellow Patheos Columnist, Happy Catholic's Julie Davis -- herself a golden-voiced podcaster of tireless energies, to discuss Julie's terrific book (it's on my desk as I write this) Happy Catholic; Glimpses of God in Everyday Life .They have a lot of fun reading quotes from the … [Read more...]

Colbert's Covert Catechesis

Matt Emerson, who has recently served up some excellent, challenging and provocative reads for us in the Catholic portal (and will soon be launching his own column with us) considers Stephen Colbert's sly, "cloak and dagger catechesis" and why it makes him a cheerful ambassador for the church, and perhaps the "best thing going" in American Catholicism.Colbert is a practicing Catholic and so is his character, and sometimes something apostolic appears to break through. Consider the confetti of … [Read more...]

Kind, Contentious & Fretful Reading – UPDATED

It is difficult for any read to be at once Kind, Contentious and Fretful, so you realize I am not talking about a single piece, but about several pieces now live at Patheos and elsewhere -- what these pieces all have in common is that they are well-worth your time to read and think about.First up: Kindness -- if you missed it this weekend, do read Timothy Dalrymple's open letter to those who expected to be raptured this past weekend. It's a very good demonstration of a Christ-like response, … [Read more...]

It's the Rapture Round-up! – UPDATED

Some Rapturous Writing leading in to tomorrow's predicted Rapture!On Facebook, I note I have been invited to do some Rapture Looting, but I think I will decline, as I am not much of a girl for getting up early of a Saturday morning! The Crescat, however has her eye on liquor, guns and ammo! Which just goes to show you how generous it was of her to share her prosecco with me while in Rome!John W. Martens writes thoughtfully at America:My desire to mock, however, is much reduced since 1976 … [Read more...]

Resistance & Humility Feed Creativity

My column at First Things this week is all about the efficacy of the word "no" in our lives, and how deadening to the spirit and one's own creative juices is can be to hear only praise, and no criticism:Nothing quite so humbles as a tumble, and humility is often the deep place where creativity resides. When a successful artist or writer becomes so insulated from criticism that he never comprehends a failure, or when he has gone a decade or two without hearing the word “no” spoken in his dir … [Read more...]

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

At the cross, her station keeping+ + + + + +Mary’s role in the life of the church, in the Christian experience did not end with the deliverance of her placenta and the taking of her ritual bath. Rather, Mary – The Mother – walked with and monitored every part of her son’s life (as mothers do) and his ministry. Far from being a toss-off, a mere minor player in the story of Christ and the Christian experience, Mary’s life is as entwined with Christ’s at his death as it was when he was … [Read more...]

Viper-bitten and Polarized in Lent

I'm a little behind and late getting this linked, but my column is up at First Things, where I am reflecting on todays readings and how viper-bitten the whole church seems to be, this Lent:The Church seems always to be challenged during the Lenten season, but this time the attacks are not foreign, as it were, but domestic: Interior factions are attempting to pull the Church toward their own interests, and as Holy Week approaches the Body of Christ seems as openly vulnerable as Leonardo’s V … [Read more...]

Are you Happy?

When my Elder son was very small, and was trying to figure out facial expressions, he would ask me, or my husband, or the lady at the grocery store, "Are you 'appy?"He was missing his h's for a little while.Sometimes my husband and I will still tease each other with that. He'll see me looking pensive and ask "are you 'appy?"It's a sweet question, and it always makes me smile, for the warm memories of my son at such a young age. But sometimes I wonder if, rather than asking people if … [Read more...]

Reasoning Through a Bone-Deep Faith

My column at First Things this week is a slightly enlarged response to a question I received in an email, from a young man who wrote: “I know the Church puts a high premium on docility, humility and the emptying of self,” he wrote, “but common sense tells me that none of those should involve self-lobotomizing. Please tell me I’m not wrong.”Good heavens, no—you’re very right. While I may not have the brain of an Aquinas or an Augustine, do I seem to you to be in any way conformist or lobotomize … [Read more...]

EWTN Explains about Corapi Programming UPDATED

Although EWTN had already made a statement announcing that it was pulling its Father Corapi programing until the matters concerning him are settled, the network must have gotten a lot of negative feedback from people who are hurting about the controversy and also -- I am sadly sure -- from people telling them what shameful, disloyal Catholics they are, and threatening to never contribute another dime to their operation, and so they've released a fuller statement:We are aware that many of our … [Read more...]