Expelled Iraqi Christians, Give Witness to ISIS Fascism – UPDATE! KURDS!

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The choice is leave or take a bullet to the head; you have ten hours to get out or die; take nothing but the clothes on your back; oh, you need that glucose meter? Your blood pressure meds? That's too bad.The Christians interviewed here make me feel very proud, and very humbled. They are obviously hurting, obviously shocked and displaced, yet full of spirit. And who wouldn't be a bit angry and undone in such a case? As the lady says, "what have the Christians done to you?"And yet, when … [Read more...]

Chick-fil-A: if you’re not sure, this is how fascism works – UPDATED AGAIN

Over at Facebook, I noticed a picture of Kermit and Miss Piggy marrying, with a caption about Chick-fil-A*. I can't seem to find it, now -- perhaps the person who posted it deleted it.I confess, haven't been following this story at all. But after the Muppets picture, I saw someone ranting about Chick-fil-A being denied business licenses because they were "against gay marriage."At that point, I posted to Facebook,"Whether these Chick-fil-A people support gay marriage or not, are … [Read more...]

Virgins, Martyrs and Vermin

[GUEST POST, WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN]A few more thoughts on the quirks of the canonization process...Regarding the round-the-clock publicity surrounding the capture and liberation of Private Jessica Lynch, Larry Flynt sniffed, "{the government] force-fed us Joan of Arc." If Larry had done his homework he'd have known that far greater scoundrels than anyone in the Bush administration had promoted the cults of -- sorry, Jessie -- far holier women, the Maid of Orleans being only … [Read more...]