“Sisterhood” May be Reality-TV for Reality-TV Haters


Maybe.When it was announced that Lifetime network would be airing a "reality" series chronicling five young women as they "discerned" whether or not they have religious vocations, I was as skeptical as Diana von Glahn, who felt pure dread at the prospect.More than dreading, I was a bit repulsed by the very idea. Having experienced my own vocational discernment as long-looking -- a process both serious and slow, and full of challenges to my own self -- the notion that five women being … [Read more...]

Hillary, Stop Being Coy! Fight Sexism; It’s YOUR TIME!

Mother Jones Martinez

While traveling yesterday I had a chance to catch up on my reading and discovered that Hillary Clinton is "thinking about" running for President.We love her when she is coy, don't we? I can't wait to see her new presidential posters. Remember this one, from 2008?2008 was a big year for Democrat candidates drawn with just a hint of totalitarian flavor. Hillary's rising sun was reminiscent of Chairman Mao, Obama's posters often ran more toward soviet propaganda.That was then, and … [Read more...]

Yay Verily! A Fresh Magazine with a Fresh Message


Do you ever look at the magazines on the rack at the grocery store and wonder just who the women are who related to them? The book with the stick-thin celebrity, air-brushed almost beyond human recognition, surrounded by headlines about how to be better at sex, how to please men sexually, how to use sex at work, how to look better than you do, because no matter how great you might look, this magazine knows you can do better; the one with the stick-thin woman with two perfect children holding up … [Read more...]

CUA Same-Sex Dorms do not Discriminate

That was actually a pretty fast decision:A District of Columbia government agency says Catholic University does not discriminate against its students by forcing them to live in single-sex dorms.Catholic University went back to single-sex dorms for incoming freshmen this school year. University president John Garvey wrote in the Wall Street Journal in June that the change would reduce binge drinking and “hooking up.”A George Washington University law professor, John Banzhaf, filed a co … [Read more...]

Bialek Will be MSM’s Penance for Brodderick


In the lead-up to the Gloria Allred presser, Gloria Borger, on CNN, said "a name and a face" was necessary if any hints and allegations were to stick to Herman Cain, or do lasting damage.So I was amused to hear Sharon Bialek say that she was putting herself forward to be "a name and a face" for just that purpose. In just those words. Just struck me as so neat, that's all.Having said that -- Sharon Bialek came across to me as pretty credible, and I don't know how Cain survives the … [Read more...]

Is Bradlee’s behavior here what Cain’s was?

This video by the Daily Caller is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen, from start to finish.Just take in the following:The glaring whiteness of the room; all the privileged whitefolk rubbing elbows and throwing back a few drinks.Begin by noticing that Michelle Fields is covering a party for the launch of Chris Matthews' latest book, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, and the fact that the lionized Kennedy was a known womanizer, and a guy who believed in um, lowering taxes. … [Read more...]

Kat and the Crescat: New to Patheos

Well, when I announced that Mark Shea was bringing his blog over, I told you to watch for more developments -- at least four more, possibly ten.Well, here is the second: Katrina Fernandez, whom you might know as the Catholic-Cannonball-Award-conferring, art-loving, gut-busting Crescat, has announced that she'll be moving her always-entertaining blog to Patheos, within the next day or two -- she is unpacking as you read this!You can take a gander at where the new design is going (and bookmark … [Read more...]

Gosnell; Baby Feet Kick the Nation – UPDATES

If your stomach and your psyche can stand it, read the grand jury report on this fiendish abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.I have been afraid to write about this woman-killing, baby-slaughtering, fertility-stealing, heartless and exploitative freak since the story broke. It's been that horrifying.But I agree with the assertion of the district attorney that Gosnell was able to get along with for so long by design.The State Legislature has charged the Department of Health (DOH) with … [Read more...]