Confirmed: Yes, the “Fire Challenge” IS Real!


So, the other day, I posted here about this "fire challenge", wherein teenagers set themselves on fire for fun and Facebook Fame.And then I learned that the page I'd linked to calls itself a satire site, and did the full "mea culpa" for being taken in about it.Then someone on Facebook sent me a YouTube video of someone aflame and I threw up my hands to heaven, wondering what was true or not; when Glenn Reynolds linked from Instapundit, I welcomed his readers and asked them to help me … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Okay, Civilization is Not Over; Satire Got Me…Or DID It?

stupid fire

There are two videos attached to the story. In the first, a good looking, entirely ridiculous young man cheerfully puts lighter fluid, or something, all over himself while standing in a bathtub.Because that will save you when you use a chemical to set fire to yourself.And he seems kind of shocked when he goes up in flames. So shocked is he by the intensity of the pain, that he jumps out of the bathtub screaming for water. Eventually his friends smother the flames.There is nothing … [Read more...]