Atomic Stupidity: Obama has all the Numbers! – UPDATE

donald duck math

In telling the GOP to use the Obama playbook, yesterday, did Mark Thiessen calculate poorly in his Washington Post piece? He's a very smart man, but I suspect he did:Thiessen’s recommendation makes a deadly miscalculation: He forgets that Obama’s single-minded pursuits are fully backed and protected by the mainstream press.Whether in print or broadcast, our increasingly lofty and elitist media are a little like the FDIC to Obama’s commercial bank; they provide insurance and coverage. They … [Read more...]

Is Bradlee’s behavior here what Cain’s was?

This video by the Daily Caller is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen, from start to finish.Just take in the following:The glaring whiteness of the room; all the privileged whitefolk rubbing elbows and throwing back a few drinks.Begin by noticing that Michelle Fields is covering a party for the launch of Chris Matthews' latest book, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, and the fact that the lionized Kennedy was a known womanizer, and a guy who believed in um, lowering taxes. … [Read more...]