Obamacare’s Gift to the Catholics – FINAL


Photo by Bob Mullen/The Catholic Photographer/NY Daily NewsIn my First Things column, today, I find the silver lining behind the cloud of this administration's assault on the constitutional right to Freedom of Religion.To be sure, this situation is cause for concern, but there are some bright spots in all of this. Although the mainstream press has reported very little about this event—a close examination might prove uncomfortable for their own worldviews—the unified public expression of … [Read more...]

Obama’s War on Vegan Shops: Sell Beef or Else!

Diane at is Te-Deum blog is breaking the news:The Obama Administration has mandated that all food stores in the United States selling refrigerated goods, MUST sell beef!There is an exemption for vegetarians who only employ, and sell their goods to, vegetarians; and, for vegans who only employ, and sell their goods to, vegans.What are the vegetarian and vegan store business owners to do? [...] If the food shop owner happens to be a Jain, then this mandate would not only be expecting … [Read more...]

Obama, Alinksy and the Bishops?

Well, I must admit, given how CNN has gone out of its way to pretend there is no such thing as a connection between President Obama and the teachings/trainings of Saul Alinksy, I was surprised to see the Obama-Alinsky connection being made in a Catholic UK paper.Discussing the HHS's decision to compel church-related employers to cover sterilization, artificial contraception and abortifacients in their employee's insurance plans, William Oddie writes:So, American Catholics, you now know, … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Unanimous For Religious Freedom – UPDATED


The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled unanimously in favor of a church's right to be itself, and its freedom to assign its ministries:This is an enormous and timely victory for religious freedom:In a groundbreaking case, the Supreme Court on Wednesday held for the first time that religious employees of a church cannot sue for employment discrimination.But the court’s unanimous decision in a case from Michigan did not specify the distinction between a secular employee, who c … [Read more...]

Why Tim Tebow Terrifies – UPDATED

Tim Tebow

Mentioned yesterday that my First Things post today would be joining in on the multitude of words being written about Tim Tebow. Patton Dodd has given a terrific overview of Tebow in WSJ and in his ebook, but I was interested in one small aspect of his phenomenon: how terrifying Tebow must be to those busy elites in politics and media who are so determinedly constructing the ungainly "profits-gained-outside-of-government-or-other-approved-venues-are-evil" narrative and the more subtle but … [Read more...]

Pelosi and the “Lobbying” Bishops

hating on catholics

I read this and couldn't stop laughing. And I don't know why I was laughing -- I guess because it all seems so perfectly on schedule or something:This lawyer apparently has a strong hate on against Catholics. And a touch of paranoia, I think.In the sedate and sober world of bankruptcy law, one lawyer's memorandum sticks out like a sore loser."Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic … [Read more...]

Obama Admin vs Religious Conscience UPDATES


One of the stupidest political remarks I ever heard came from Ben Affleck, who -- campaigning for Hillary Clinton during her 2000 senate run -- declared that a vote for her opponent, Rick Lazio, would amount to a vote (I am paraphrasing) "to bring back Irish Need Not Apply signs in the workplace."It does appear, though, that the Obama administration has decided that a Catholics Need Not Apply sign might be in order.Today Michael Gerson spells out why that may be so:Shortly before … [Read more...]

Contraceptive Mandate “Designed” to affect Catholics

Well at least someone is getting it on the record:The federal government’s new contraceptive and sterilization insurance coverage mandate includes a religious exemption whose language was designed specifically to counter Catholic institutions’ conscience protections, one Catholic health care leader told a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee Nov. 2.The exemption’s “highly flawed” definition originated in a California debate about a state-level contraception mandate, William J. Cox, … [Read more...]

Obama Admin and HHS vs Catholic Church

obama abortion

There was a lot of pretense in 2008 that Obama -- with his 100% approval rating from NARAL -- should be the choice of "intelligent" Catholics because even if he was wrong on abortion, he was "so good" on everything else -- the poor, the disadvantaged, the promise to turn back the Bush wars, close Gitmo, halt rendition, bring "transparency" and restore our "shredded constitution" -- these were all so compellingly at-one with the church that an Obama presidency would bring about the large … [Read more...]

Constitutional Erosion: Freedom of Religion UPDATES

Over at First Things, I'm wondering about the apparent tag-teaming of the church by legislators and courts intent on reshaping the notion of rights and entitlements until they become difficult to tell apart:"But here is the question: if a church-based organization has—for decades—served the community through placement assistance for adoption or foster care, and if that service is now to be defined as an “entitlement,” is it one that should be lost or preserved under the constitution? The argume … [Read more...]