Bush Women “of the Year”

women of the year

Former First Lady Laura Bush, and former first daughters Jenna and Barbara have been included in Glamour magazine's Women of the Year issue.That's nice. Surprising. I can't help wondering, though, why the magazine known for its photos has chosen such a cramped, graceless and uncomfortable-looking one to illustrate their story.I mean, these are all-three beautiful, poised women. Glamour has them looking like they need to find a loo. Ah, well, what else would we expect, I guess? The other … [Read more...]

When Young Faith is Tested

In his column today, Matt Emerson, who teaches at a Jesuit prep school, expresses concern over the effectiveness of our current religious education programs. Addressing the aftermath of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, he writes of working through Psalm 46:Those classes, and that day, were sacred moments. There had been an uncovering. In the darkened room, in the mild glow of a projector screen bearing ancient words, I had been given an x-ray of my students' spiritual life. The images were … [Read more...]

Gabby's Neckrub; Love Never Fails

From her bed in the ICU, where she is making breathtaking progress in recovering from a point-blank gunshot wound to the head, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords understood that her husband Mark Kelly was weary and stressed - worn out in the way only concerns for our beloved can wear us out. And because she loves, too, Gabrielle Giffords demonstrated her comprehension of all her husband is feeling--she expressed her solidarity with him in all of their shared concerns--in the best way she … [Read more...]

The Madness of the Mainstream Media UPDATED

If Michael Kelly and Tim Russert were alive today, they would be sickened and appalled to see the shambling madness that has descended upon their profession, most particularly as it manifests in the obsessive and whirling mania regarding Sarah Palin.When it gets to the point that Jonathan Chait has to marvel at his instincts to defend Palin, that's a measure of their madness.Let's begin at the beginning: on January 8, a madman in Arizona, listening to nothing but his own head--there is not a … [Read more...]

The only thing worse…UPDATED

What could possibly be worse than getting a phone call to come to a hospital because your spouse wife, or your son or your daughter has been shot by a madman and may not make it?Getting a phone call telling you that your child was the shooter.I frankly don't want to argue about which is worse. They must both be indescribable levels of hell.Awful for everyone concerned.But how good that doctors believe Gabrielle Giffords is going to live.She'll need lots of prayers for the hard road … [Read more...]

Rubio in Washington; Heroes in AZ

Cubachi is declaring Marco Rubio, "Reaganesque" and Kathryn Jean Lopez seems to feel similarly:In his remarks, Rubio echoed a campaign theme of his: “It’s not about me.” People supported his candidacy, the new senator contended, because they worried about the fate of their nation. Relaying some of the touristy things he had done with his wife and children since arriving in our nation’s capital, Rubio recalled — with a savvy “Señor Smith Goes to Washington” appeal — visiting some of the Founders … [Read more...]

3 Things; "What's Right With the World?"

Snow Football by Ann AlthouseIt occurs to me that while it's worthwhile to ask, as Chesterton did and we do below, "what's wrong with the world?", our times are so distressing and disheartening, particularly after this weekend, that we might better-serve ourselves and each other by listing a few things that are "right with the world," too.What's right with the world, to start is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, still in critical condition after having been monstrously assaulted, is … [Read more...]