NY Judge Rules against Government on HHS Mandate – UPDATE

Uncle Sam wants You, Sisters, to pay for sterilization, contraception and abortifacients, or take your good work out of the country!

::::UPDATE:::: Go immediately and read Gabriel Malor's excellent read-and-analysis on Judge Cogan's decision. It's terrific!Rather surprised at the lack of coverage on this one, but then again, this ruling is merely one battle in the course of an ongoing conflict. Nothing will be fully and finally settled on this issue until the Supremes address it, and there is still time for the make-up of that court to change and better-reflect the thinking of the current … [Read more...]

Bad Optics: Obama and HHS vs Little Sisters of the Poor


The Little Sisters of the Poor are heroic social servants: they serve the indigent poor and go begging on their behalf. They are tremendous women offering companionship, love and hospitality to people who often have no one else in their lives willing to see and affirm their dignity and worth, and they don't ask "are you a Catholic" before they make that offer: it is for all.Likewise, in their many facilities across the nation, the Little Sisters employ nurses, and aides and helpers, and … [Read more...]

Movement on the HHS Mandate? First Document! First Reactions! UPDATED


I was hearing rumors last night that the Obama administration may be walking back the more onerous, obnoxious and probably-unconstitutional tenets of Obamacare's HHS Mandate, which rides roughshod over the first amendment rights to the free exercise of religion and contradicts Obama's own words about the sacredness of a conscience.Here's the first suggestions that something will come today (scroll down):*** White House to announce contraception rule? We are hearing that the Obama White … [Read more...]