Why do YOU skip Mass? UPDATED


Lisa Hendey posts on an interesting study on why Catholics skip mass.I've written over at First Things about a brother of mine who goes to Mass every day of the week, but never on a Sunday; the noise and the over-busyness of Sunday liturgies is beyond what his fragile nerves can endure, and rather than spend an hour being uncharitable, impatient or panicked, he just avoids mass on Sunday, and trusts that between God and his pastor, he'll get by with a stretch in Purgatory.On the rare … [Read more...]

O Season of Idols! – UPDATED

My Tuesday column is up over at First Things, and it's pondering the recent Golden Globes show and the season of glittery "awards" that is upon us:It was never so rare, or harmless. And as our post-modern society becomes increasingly post-faith, our instincts to raise up entertainers as idols become more frequently indulged, and perhaps we manufacture more of these idols now. Is there a nation that does not have a slew of “Idol-creating” television shows, where celebrity magazines don't cover t … [Read more...]