Tsunami; On Dignity and Suffering

Having just linked to a piece at Inside Catholic in the post below, I find myself linking yet again.In the wake of all these images, and the mind-numbing loss, suffering and dignity on display in Japan, IC editor Brian Saint-Paul just dropped me a note that they are reprinting a piece I wrote after the Christmas tsunami of 2004, which is still very relevant, and which I find difficult excerpt:When I was a little girl, our family knew a Frenchwoman. I don't recall her name, but I remember … [Read more...]

M-O-O-N spells Movie I Wanna See

I am not a fan of the "hard sci-fi" film genre. I can take science fiction when it is about as weighty as Firefly or Cowboy Bebop, which is to say, not very. I maintain that Star Trek: The Next Generation is the only Trek worth watching.So, you see, I have issues with sci-fi. It all tends to put me to sleep. I have never made it through 2001; A Space Odyssey (that's the one with the monolith, and the really, really long shot of the monolith, that goes on, and on . . . and on, right? Yeah, … [Read more...]

No, Virtue is not impossible

Call it Virtue. Call it Chastity. Call it Continence.Whatever you want to call it, our society loves to tell us that it can't be lived, is weird to try, and an attraction to it probably means that you're all neurotic and hung-up, provincial and you know, like, so lame.In an era where city governments are celebrating the creation of iphone apps that can take you to your leader nearest free condom (because when sex is just a bodily function, free condoms are the answer to many questions) … [Read more...]