Pope Benedict: Faith and the Future

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In 2009 Ignatius press released this prophetic little volume, written by our pope over 1969-1970 -- while the world was in the first throes of the social revolution. I thought I'd share a few of Joseph Ratzinger's prescient thoughts. They seem timely:"The church will become small and will have to start afresh more or less from the beginning. She will no longer be able to inhabit many of the edifices she built in prosperity. As the number of her adherents diminishes . . . she will lose many … [Read more...]

Why do Catholics Talk about Sex so Much?


The headlines, of course, are all about the HHS Mandate and response of the Catholic Bishops to last Friday's blusterfest by Obama. The accepted narrative on Catholics and sex is, of course, that Catholics are mostly repressed, want to keep women enslaved to pregnancy and deep down they just don't "get" sex the way the rest of the world does.All of that is false, of course, particularly the last bit. Catholics "get" sex -- they understand it more fully, more deeply and more ecstatically than … [Read more...]

77 years later, woman finds child conceived in rape


Photo: Ana Venegas/AP: Minka Disbrow discovered her daughter was raised by a Norwegian pastor and his wife and has six children including astronaut Mark Lee.Wow, what a story:On a summer day in 1928 while picnicking with girls from a sewing class, Disbrow and her friend Elizabeth were jumped by three men as they went for a walk in their long dresses.Both were raped.“We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know what to say. So when we went back, nothing was said,” Disbrow recalle … [Read more...]

Pro-Lifers and the Truth-Phobic Press

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Photosource: telecareKatrina Fernandez has pictures from yesterday's March for Life, and she promises that more are coming.Watching yesterday on EWTN, I heard estimates of nearly half-million people marching peacefully and cheerfully, in the freezing rain, in support of life, which is -- at its core, as Tim Muldoon writes -- a march in support of love:In our experience, the metanoia of loving has meant seeing orphans not as problems to be solved, but as beloved children who will … [Read more...]

Rita Cosby and the Secrets of her Father

Over at Christopher Closeup, Tony Rossi debuts his first podcast since coming to Patheos, and it's a stunner! Journalist Rita Cosby, talks to Tony about her father, whose mysterious past had colored her world from an early age; it is one gripping interview!It was Christmas Eve, 1983, when the future Emmy Award-winning journalist and best-selling author heard her mother, Adda, and father, Richard, having an argument. Richard told them he was unhappy and was leaving the family.The … [Read more...]

Our Daughters Dreams Arise from this Glad Slaughter!


Rubens; Saturn Devouring his ChildThe president, whose administration last Friday declared that religiously-founded institutions -- schools, hospitals and charities -- have no right to their own consciences when it comes to paying for contraception, abortifacients and sterilization -- dropped these pearls for us on the occasion of the anniversary of Roe v Wade, a law passed some 40 million abortions ago:As we mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we must remember that this Supreme … [Read more...]

Reverend Dr. King, Joan of Arc, TEBOW?


Launching the new blog, today has kept me pretty busy, but I wanted to point your attention to two particularly good pieces on the portal, today -- both of them looking at heroes and faith and their effects on society.Citing The Holy Courage of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lisa Mladinich writes: He was radical in the best sense. He didn't just want to elbow the unworthy racist aside to take what was rightfully owed him or to declaim, deplore, and destroy.He didn't seek revenge. He sought … [Read more...]

Owned by Ownership; The Need to Simplify


In one of those happy synchronicities, my column at First Things this week appears to play right into the hands of the Patheos Book Club.Allow me to explain. Over at First Things, I chronicle the existential agida I am experiencing over how my husband's pack-rat instincts overwhelm my need to throw things away, and the influence of Western prosperity on our sense of material balance and well-being:Our Christmas was a modest one, by choice, and no one in our family is consumed by a … [Read more...]

Haiti, Two Years Later

Haiti where we have church now

Currents, the daily Catholic news program produced by the Diocese of Brooklyn, observes the second anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake by interviewing Father Jean Moise Delva who, sadly, reports that not much has changed."It was very sad to see the atmosphere, and the way people are living," Father Delva says. Noting that 2.38 billion dollars have been spent he notes the difficulty in distributing aid. Haitians have seen almost no building connected to that expenditure. More than … [Read more...]

God is Not Done with You

Deacon Greg's homily for this weekend is especially good, and powerfully useful, I think:In the gospel, when the men who want to follow Jesus ask him where he is staying, he doesn’t give them a direct answer.“Come,” he says, “and you will see.”On one level, he’s inviting them to follow him.  But more importantly: he is also inviting them to see. To have their eyes opened.  The Lamb of God who will take away the sins of the world – and who will soon give sight to the blind! — is invi … [Read more...]