Traveling again…but look at my book!


I'm off to Myrtle Beach to speak at gathering for the National Council of Catholic Women, where I understand they're having a swell time at the Beach! You can follow the goings-on here and here. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up with Lisa Hendey, while there!Since I won't be able to moderate, I will unfortunately have to close comments.Meanwhile, take a gander at the cover of my book, which will be released next Spring, by Ave Maria Press!You knew eventually I'd have to … [Read more...]

“We are what we eat, and what we worship”


Joseph Susanka touches on the issue of idolatry through a cinematic reference:In The Fallen Idol, Phillipe is more than simply fascinated by and drawn to Baines; he is transformed by him. The servant's innocuous tall tales, harmlessly rooted in his desire for affection and attention, prove to be his undoing when Phillipe, so thoroughly steeped in the romantic persona his friend has created, is no longer capable of recognizing Baines' true (and innocent) character. The young boy's … [Read more...]

“The Bottomless Lie that Perverts Our Lives…”

"When a man sets himself against God," said Pope Benedict, "he sets himself against his own truth, and therefore does not become free, but alienated from himself."The pope is so prolific, it's hard to keep up. Only just read this from Holy Thursday. You can read the whole homily, here … [Read more...]

When Optimisim is a Strange God

“Optimism is a matter optics, of seeing what you want to see and not seeing what you don't want to see. Hope, on the other hand, is a Christian virtue. It is the unblinking acknowledgment of all that militates against hope, and the unrelenting refusal to despair. We have not the right to despair, and, finally, we have not the reason to despair” ― Richard John Neuhaus, The Best of the Public SquareShortly after I wrote this column discussing Mark Steyn's book, After America, I got an email f … [Read more...]

Thoughtful pieces on Casey, Caylee, Corapi, Idols

Emails are coming in reporting a state of high tension on various Corapian threads, in anticipation of the Black Sheepdog's "very special announcement" which is promised today.You gotta give the Dog credit; he knows how to play to an audience and build up the suspense. I'm finding it kind of sad (and troubling) that so many people have made this one man such a huge part of their lives of faith.And I am troubled, too, by our society's seemingly endless appetite for high-drama and … [Read more...]

The Toxicity of Idolatry – UPDATED

My Tuesday column at First Things is up, and today we're talking about the strange gods we put before us and the toxic effect it has had on our politics:[In Barack Obama] . . . chattering classes, largely indifferent-to-agnostic-to-hostile toward religion, had suddenly found themselves a god, and to speak his name in vain could not be countenanced. Heretics sinning against the speak-not commandment were speedily feathered with the gooiest tar available and then ostracized from polite … [Read more...]