6* Questions for Jennifer Fulwiler


Jennifer Fulwiler is one of those people I can't keep up with. I blink and she's got a successful blog. I blink again and she's got a reality show.I come back from retreat and she has another baby, and an annual woman's conference.I get momentarily distracted and she's released a bestselling memoir; I take a little nap and awake to discover that she's got a radio show on Sirus!Seriously? I can't even get through my email, and she's getting through a half-dozen lifetimes! And … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Admire Jennifer Fulwiler


By now you've likely seen the book trailer wherein 32 authors and one banana take turns reading from Jennifer Fulwiler's long-awaited book, Something Other than God.I was flattered to be asked to blurb the book (which I read in one sitting, from a pdf, on my iphone, which is really all you need to know about how good it is!) and I wrote:This book could have been called Indiana Fulwiler and the Quest for Truth. This personal conversion story reads like an adventure novel one cannot put … [Read more...]

“Minor Revisions” Reality TV goes Young and Catholic


Alright, I have to say it: I am not a fan of reality tv shows -- all that splicing, all that talking to the camera while driving. Last night I stumbled into the den where the kids were watching some reality show about the Amish and my eyes glazed over almost instantly.But when Jennifer Fulwiler told me that she and her family were doing a 3-part reality show for NETNY.Net (Brooklyn Diocese), I was intrigued. She wondered, "why would it be interesting to the Brooklyn Diocese?" But after … [Read more...]