James Foley, Martyrdom and the Subversive Freedom of Prayer UPDATED

james foley

A great deal has been written about the late James Foley, his beheading at the hands of a barbarous Islamic State: the moving response from this band of Syrians, the Jesuit education which, along with the example of his family kept him grounded in his faith; his own words on the power of prayer, written in previous captivity.The story is tragic and infuriating -- every bit as nation-stirring as the similar murder of Daniel Pearl, all those years ago, when bloody "war on terror" was still in … [Read more...]

Jesuit Education vs the Virtual Frontier

My husband is a Jesuit-educated fellow, and he has a great deal of respect for the way Jesuits help to hone a student's reasoning abilities and encourage a life-long love of disciplined study.So he was both troubled and pleased -- but admittedly mostly troubled -- to read this piece by Matt Emerson, who teaches at a Jesuit Prep school:"The frontier" is the metaphor the Society of Jesus recently selected to frame the position of Jesuit education in the modern world. Last summer, at Santa … [Read more...]